Dimples | Holiday Guide for Personalized Gifts
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Holiday Guide for Personalized Gifts

You are a thoughtful person. Gift certificates, pretty soaps, socks, all are nice to receive but they aren’t gifts you want to give. You want to give gifts that ‘Wow’ your loved ones with how meaningful they are – personalized gifts.

stacking-rings-goldThat’s why Dimples is the perfect solution for you this holiday season! Easy to create, but so meaningful they will be treasured by your loved ones forever.
And we have something for everyone!
Mom would love a set of Dimples Stacking Rings each with the fingerprint of one of her children and with a special engraving on the inside. View the Holiday Gift Guide with ideas just for Mom for more spectacular options.


img_3304Dad is so difficult to buy for! As well, there are so few sentimental items kids can get for dads. He would love a set of Dimples Cuff Links personalized with a doodle made by his kids on each one and a special engraving on the back. Not a cuff link kind of guy, then Dimples Fingerprint Charms are perfect keepsakes for Dad. The Holiday Guide for Dads had many great ideas for making Dad feel loved.
nov4-2ndpostGrandma is all about her grandkids! So there is no better gift for her than Dimples Fingerprint Beads. One from each of her grandchildren that will fill her Pandora bracelet.
Grandpa is by far the hardest to find something for! He has every tool imaginable and how boring are tools anyway. Dimples Golf Ball Markers personalized with drawings made by his grandkids or with their fingerprints on it make the perfect gift for Grandpa.


More ideas for gifts from the grandchildren can be found in the Holiday Guide for Grandparents.
paw-print-charmFor the Pet Lovers in your life there is nothing more perfect than a charm with their own pet’s paw print on it! Learn more about pet paw prezzies on our Holiday Guide for Pet Lovers.
Guaranteed Dimples will help make this holiday super special for your loved ones! Go to dimplescharms.com to get started. We are happy to help you along the way!

img_3297Reach us at 1-844-852-5802, info@dimplescharms.com, or text me 416-797-1358.
~ Happy Memory Making, Patti Moloney