A girl and her horse. Do you feel warm and fuzzy already? Contemplating that statement alone, how many of you can feel the heat emanating from that massive animal in the cold air of the barn on an early morning or smell hay and tack in the heat of an afternoon with the comfort of a horse’s head leaning into you? It’s not easy to describe but no one can deny that there is something different and truly special about the relationship between a girl and her horse.

Isabelle Vaill is one such young woman who shares a remarkable bond with her horse, Ranger. Her mother says she had no idea when she signed her daughter up for that first riding lesson the meaningful and significant life lessons Isabelle would gain from Ranger. Isabelle says Ranger makes her feel “capable, determined, accomplished, even unstoppable.”

Says Isabelle’s mom, “I have watched her grow and flourish into such an incredibly hard-working, assertive, and inspirational woman on the back of her amazing horse. He is a gift that fills a spot in her heart.” To celebrate this, she had a custom charm made using a photo of Ranger’s hoof, a good luck charm for Isabelle to help her keep Ranger forever close.

This good luck charm, personalized with Ranger’s own hoof print, is a talisman of empowerment and self-confidence for Isabelle. “When I wear it each day, I touch the charm to remember that I have the confidence to be myself today. That’s what Ranger reminds me to be.” The confidence to be ourselves each day, wow, that’s wisdom we should all remember.

We know that Isabelle is not alone. Create your own good luck charm personalized with the hoof print or horseshoe of your horse or the paw print of your pet. For the entire month of March, to recognize International Women’s Day, and why not celebrate the luck of the Irish too, save 20% off with the code ISSY&RANGER at DimplesCharms.com when you create any piece of Equestrian or Pet Jewelry.

“I lean on Ranger, he is my comfort and my confidence all rolled into one. I feel like he makes me a better person and I am so lucky to have him,” says Isabelle. A girl and her horse.