This year is different. Very different. Mother’s Day falls in the middle of a pandemic. More than ever, we understand what’s important: our loved ones.

Make this Mother’s Day meaningful. Show Mom how much she’s loved and appreciated. Find a way to be forever close to her even when you must be apart. Create unique, personalized gifts with the help of, so Mom can keep you close to her heart, always.  Jewelry personalized with her children’s and grandchildren’s fingerprints; hand & footprints; drawings; or handwriting.

Imagine her face, her smile and the tears that gently form at the corners of her eyes and slowly roll down her happy cheeks as she realizes what this gift is. She looks at it and understanding dawns on her face. A small gasp escapes. Her babies. Or her babies’ babies. Their very own touch, forever captured. Captured in the finest jewelry, a meaningful piece that she will wear every single day. She will touch it every day and feel her loved ones close and with her. No matter where they are, always with her.

Create this moment for her. 

“Sincerely, this is the best gift I’ve ever received. I cried upon opening it, so heartwarmed at the thought that no matter where I go I can always have my babies with me. I never ever take it off. It’s my all time favourite possession,” shares a mom who was delighted by her Mother’s Day gift of Dimples.

Unique, custom made, personalized jewellery. Available in sterling silver, 10K, 14K, and 18K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Fingerprint jewelry. Hand & footprint jewelry. Jewelry made from handwriting and artwork. Add birthstones, natural gems and diamonds or artisan made stones.