Memorial Fingerprint Ring

  • A golden touch. Create a sentimental ring you'll treasure for your lifetime with loved ones' fingerprints captured forever in gold. The most true to life fingerprint jewelry available. 4mm wide with rounded edge for a classic look. Choose from 10, 14, or 18K. Personalize with 1 or 2 fingerprints. Inquire to add additional fingerprints. Consider accenting with birthstones or your favourite gem. Inquire about further customizations.  
  • Loved ones' fingerprints forever captured in white gold and so true to life you'll swear your loved ones just touched your ring.  Be reminded of their love every time you look at your hand. 4mm wide with a flat edge for a modern look.  Consider adding your favourite gemstones. Personalize with one or two fingerprints.  Inquire to add additional fingerprints. Engraving in block print on the inside of the ring.


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