Dimples co-founder, Patti Moloney, has a chapter featured in the anthology ‘She is Just Getting Started’. Patti’s story ‘Butterfly Strong: Redefining Strength’ challenges perceptions of what it means to be strong and illustrates that our sensitivity, compassion, and vulnerability are our greatest strengths, even in business.  It’s a heartwarming and uplifting tale you are sure to love.

‘She is Just Getting Started’ is a collection of real life stories from female entrepreneurs women who chose to step into their power, navigate the world of uncertainty, and rewrite the story of what “success” means to them on their entrepreneurial path. It’s guaranteed to inspire you!

BONUS: Not only does this book share relatable, humour-filled and deeply transparent stories, it also offers you an opportunity to reflect and get inspired with intuitive journal prompts and quotes that you can keep in your back pocket as you are just getting started!