Square Hand & Footprint Pendant, Sterling Silver, 19 mm

259.00 USD

Square fingerprint pendant in sterling silver with a loved one’s hand and/or footprint.

Don’t settle for less than Dimples High Definition technology to create a treasure you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

One or two hand prints, one or two footprints, or a combination of both – make your pendant exactly how you want it!

Fits all standard chains and bracelets.

Engraving on back, script font

Finish on the front of the charm *

Choose between a brushed or highly polished finish

Notes for your order

You’ll receive an email with easy, step-by-step instructions on how to create and submit your content (fingerprint, hand/footprint, paw print, handwriting or drawing).


Your loved one’s hand and/or footprint –  in high definition –  on a square sterling silver pendant, 19 mm square (or 3/4 inch square).

To make this item, all we need is a picture of the hands/feet, picture of ink hand/footprints, or picture of a clay hand cast.

Create a charm with one or two hand prints, one or two footprints, or a combination of both!

How to get the hand and/or footprint to us:

Email clear, in focus, jpg images of the palm of the hand and/or sole of the foot or ink hand/footprints after you place your order to info@dimplescharms.com citing your order number.

Product Description

Unisex, fits all standard chains and bracelets.

Pendant is 19 mm square (or 3/4 inch square).

Engraving on the back in script font is included. Max 2 lines with 10 characters per line.

Available in sterling silver and 10K, 14K, 18K  yellow and white gold.

Additional information

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