Behind the Scenes with Dimples Founder Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey Ross is the creator and designer behind Dimples Jewelry. But Dimples isn’t all he does. At his shop, he also operates a high end Jewelry Design company, Jeffrey Ross Jewellery, where you can custom design a jewelry masterpiece. with his help, for the perfect occasion. 

How and why did you start designing jewelry?

At a young age I would find ‘lucky stones’ along the beach. I was the only one in our family who would find them, stones with holes through them. The first jewelry I ever made was stringing lucky stones onto necklaces. No one realized at the time that that fascination would one day grow into a career in jewelry design. 

In my teen and young adult years I would use found objects and make them into jewelry pieces for my friends and girlfriends. I have always made jewelry I guess.

There’s more to the story…

Much later, I met Patti, who is now my wife and Dimples Co-Creator. When I was going to ask Patti to marry me, I designed the ring I wanted to have made for her. I didn’t know that the design I created was actually a proper technical drawing. 

Every jeweller I went to wanted me to pick a stone and a ready-made mount and combine them to make a so-called custom ring. That wasn’t what I wanted. I joked that I could do it better myself. After I got married I decided to make it a goal to take up jewelry design and goldsmithing in retirement. Patti said it was ridiculous to work for 30 years at something you didn’t love and that I should do it right away. I took her sage advice and left my career as a microbiologist to study goldsmithing and jewelry design!  

Most Memorable Piece You’ve Created

A Dragonfly Citrine Ring. My customer found dragonflies to be very meaningful to her life and she adored gemstones. I designed a ring where the dragonfly wings became the prongs for the gemstone setting. The gem was a large citrine with checkerboard top. 

Most Memorable Customer

It isn’t the client that is memorable but his fiancée. I designed an engagement ring with my client for his fiancée.  Shortly after he proposed the couple visited our shop. She ran up to me, grabbed my face, and kissed me on the lips! I hadn’t met her before. She was delighted with her ring and wanted to say ‘thanks’.

Miss World Canada, 2010. We made stunning briolette-cut, colourless topaz pendant earrings with white gold and diamonds. They were about 2 inches long. She wore them on stage at the pageant in China.

What’s Your Design Style?

I have a classical design sensibility with a reverence for scale and proportion. Most recently, I am finding my work to be informed by the beauty of the natural world.

Who else is part of your team?

The captain of my team is my wife, Patti. She is my foundation, my rock, and my muse. I wouldn’t be who I am or doing what I’m doing today without her. She’s also co-founder of Dimples with me.

I am surrounded by devoted and dedicated staff and associates who make this place run! Then ensure that everything gets done and operates smoothly.

I am also blessed with fantastic and supportive parents, who help me in more ways than I can count, and my 3 darling children, the Little Rosscals, who are a constant source of inspiration, fun and excitement.

Why is Capturing Life’s Moments a Key Theme for you?

Everyone says things like “time flies”, “kids grow up so fast”, “carpe diem/embrace every day”. We all know this to be true, but it is very difficult to appreciate the gift of every new day when life is busy and stressful.

We feel it is our gift to the world and our mission through Dimples to help others embrace life’s fleeting moments and treasure them. We use Dimples as a way to help people hang on to those memorable moments, find strength and comfort in them, and recognize each new special moment.

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