Jewelry is often a part of celebrating many of life’s most wonderful milestones. Dimples exists to help commemorate these special occasions … and we get almost as excited as the recipients of these sparkly gifts do! Engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births, birthdays, graduations … the list goes on and on.

On the flip side though, sometimes our creations are acquired to commemorate a loss, celebrate a life well lived, or as a touching memorial keepsake to aid in navigating a journey through grief. In cases like these it is a tremendous honor to know we are being of service and crafting things that have such significance to the people who wear them. In fact, it has given all of us an entirely new sense of purpose and meaning. That sense of purpose is compounded when we discover that someone has experienced multiple losses and has returned to Dimples on each occasion seeking the comfort that that first memorial keepsake provided. Vivien for example, lost her husband and her son and then her beloved golden retriever. Have a look at the note she wrote us:

“Thank you for the beautiful paw print pendant you made for me to remember and honor my lovely and deeply loved Golden Retriever, Toby. Losing him was devastating for me, as it was the last in a string of losses over the last five years that included both my son and my husband. After my human boys passed away, Toby became my best friend, my rock and my lifeline. He reminded me to live in the moment, for today, and gave me a reason to go on, even on the days when I would rather not have. And despite his own age, illness and weariness, he never failed to make me smile and even laugh – even on the darkest days. He was the best pup on the planet.

This beautiful paw print pendant is now on the necklace with my husband’s thumb print and urn pendant, and my son’s locket, and I will wear and cherish it forever. Thank you for your beautiful work!”

Our heart breaks for Vivien and we wish her well as she navigates her journey through grief. It is our greatest hope that her Dimples charms provide her with the piece and comfort she needs.

Vivien is not alone though, many people are using Dimples charms as memorial keepsakes. Whether they have experienced the loss of a human loved one, or a pet, the meaning and the significance is the same.  However, the pet paw charms as a “memorial keepsake” thing surprised us. They have become much more popular recently. We put some thought into why that might be, then spoke to a number of experts, and have identified the top 5 reasons how pet paw jewelry can help you cope with the loss of a pet. Here they are:

  1. A tangible reminder: Wearing pet paw jewelry can serve as a physical reminder of your pet, helping to keep their memory close to you even when they are no longer physically present.
  2. Symbolic representation: The paw print of your pet can serve as a symbol of the love and companionship they brought into your life. It can help you connect with the positive memories of your pet and the impact they had on your life.
  3. Comfort during difficult moments: When you’re feeling overwhelmed with emotion, holding onto or touching the pet paw jewelry can provide a sense of comfort and grounding.
  4. Connection with other pet owners: Wearing pet paw jewelry can also serve as a signal to other pet owners that you understand their experience and may be a source of support for them as well.
  5. Honoring your pet’s memory: By wearing pet paw jewelry, you can honor your pet’s memory and the role they played in your life. This can be a positive step towards processing your grief and finding closure.

If you are seeking a way to memorialize your beloved pet please feel free to reach out and chat. There are many ways, including custom made solutions, to create memorial jewelry and you can discuss them all with one of our designers. We’re here to help and we’re a quick text (905-852-2050) or phone call away (1-844-852-5802).