This beautiful and impactful jewelry collection was born out of a collaboration with a Dimples customer.

Our customer, Lisa, tragically lost her son Jace to DIPG, a rare, fast growing, inoperable form of brain cancer. Lisa sought Dimples fingerprint jewelry to keep her precious boy forever close. Keeping loved ones close is our reason for being and we consider it a great honor when a customer is willing to share her story and reason for choosing Dimples.

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The connection we made with Lisa evolved into a collaboration and the design of the Together collection was born. We all want to have a positive impact in this world and through the Together Collection we can do just that. 10% of the sale of each Together Collection piece is donated to the charitable foundation Tough2gether funding pediatric cancer research and supporting families affected by childhood cancer. Tough2gether is entirely volunteer run so 100% of donations directly support research and families affected by pediatric cancer.

These jewelry pieces honor and celebrate love. They celebrate the coming together of two hearts, two souls, two lives. They celebrate that love is forever. Pieces in the together collection are meaningful to parents, couples, grandparents, and besties.

Let’s fight childhood cancer together!

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The meaning of the ‘In My Heart’ design:

While love is experienced in different forms, a mother’s love for her child, romantic love, the love you feel for your family, best friends, and pets, love itself is the same. Loved ones each occupy a small space within your own heart. You hold them there. If they are not with you that space remains. It keeps you connected. It is a small version of their heart inside your own and you carry it with you forever.

The pendant is a heart within a heart. Incorporating layers of symbolism, the intention is that you will find what you need when you need it most. You might see it as a loved one’s embrace. You might feel a mother and child connection. Whatever you see, it is our wish that you will enjoy it every day.

The ‘In My Heart’ Necklace is available in yellow gold plated or silver plated. It’s also available in solid 10K and 14K yellow or white gold.

The meaning of the ‘Sans Fin’ design:

Love without end. Simply, it represents the enduring love we have for those most important to us. Communicating this is the universal symbol of love, a heart, combined with the language of love, French. The words ‘sans ‘fin’ translated in English means ‘without end.’ Together their meaning is ‘love without end’.

Since you are unique and each of your relationships is too, the ‘Sans Fin’ jewelry enables you to combine different elements to create what is most meaningful to you. The center piece, the heart, and the frame can be selected in various colors of gold and made with or without gemstones to suit your taste. It is available in 10K, 14K, 18K white, yellow, and rose gold or platinum.

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Shop Sans Fin Jewelry
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