Hold on to those pudgy little hands and feet forever

How Hand & Footprint Jewelry Works

Aren’t baby hands and feet just the cutest ever? Forever capture the little hands that stole your heart and the wee feet that ran away with it.

At Dimples, we work from images of hands and feet or images of ink handprints and footprints to create your beautiful jewelry. You can choose to make your jewelry with a hand and a footprint together, a single hand or footprint, two handprints, two footprints, any combination you choose.

You don’t need to have the hand/footprint images on hand when you place your order. Simply email them to us any time after you order. Keep in mind, the quality of the hand/footprints on the jewelry depends on the quality of the images you provide us with. However, if you don’t have a good quality hand or footprint and you can no longer create one, we can enhance and edit the print you do have, if necessary, to ensure that it will create beautiful jewelry. There is an added fee for this service if it’s needed.

Here is how to capture the best images of hands and feet for your jewelry.
Materials: hands, feet, camera (smartphone)


  • Hold the subject’s hand (at wrist) or foot (at ankle) steady with one hand and hold camera in the other (this may end up being a two person job)
  • Align camera lens parallel to palm of hand, or sole of foot, so that the hand or foot can be photographed straight on. This is VERY important because images of hands and feet on strange angles will impact the appearance and quality of the finished jewelry
  • Make sure there are no other fingers or shadows obstructing the clear view of the palm or sole

  • Hold the camera as close as possible to the hand/foot, but not so close that the autofocus stops working

  • Allow the lens to focus for a moment, then take the picture

  • Email images with order information to info@DimplesCharms.com


“These pieces symbolize a lot to me…my growth as a mother and the happiness and fullness in my heart and my everyday life as these 2 precious souls have entered my world. I wish they could stay little forever and my Dimples will keep that memory alive! There’s nothing we can’t do because we’re family and that’s been etched in silver and gold from our Dimples family! ”