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The Situation

  • A personal item that is associated with a lost loved one can help maintain connection, provide comfort, and ease the burden of grief as one journeys through it
  • Fingerprint jewelry is a highly personal and meaningful comfort item that can be worn and cherished daily
  • When introduced to the concept of fingerprint jewelry most bereaved families will instantly see its value
  • Many people would choose luxury fingerprint fine jewelry if given the choice. They will also invest a significant amount in these meaningful keepsakes and return over the years to purchase more

The Problem

The troubles with most fingerprint jewelry companies

  • Mediocrity: There are many companies selling exactly the same low price, low quality fingerprint jewelry Their fingerprints are 2D so they look flat, unnatural, and artificial

  • Other fingerprint jewelry companies will charge a fee to access the fingerprint image. Charging a client for access to their own loved ones fingerprint is perceived as a hurtful, offensive, and exploitative practice.

  • Time is money and you may not be accounting for the cost of:
    • Interacting and supporting customers
    • Managing orders
    • Dealing with customer service issues
    • Tracking order progress
    • Shipping to clients
    • Arranging for clients to pick up
    • Securely organizing and storing clients’ orders until they make arrangements to pick it up
  • You have clients that want high end personalized memorial keepsake jewelry or custom jewelry and you aren’t able to offer it

The Implication

When your staff is managing orders:

  • They are distracted from other, more necessary and profitable, tasks
  • There is a significant hourly cost associated with managing orders which erodes profits
  • Disappointed or offended clients can harm your reputation

The questions you might be asking are:

  • Factoring these things in how much money are we actually making on the fingerprint jewelry we currently sell?
  • What is the cost of not being able to focus on higher value activities?
  • What is the cost to our reputation if clients are disappointed?
  • What if we could eliminate these costs?

  • What if we could sell luxury fingerprint jewelry and make more money without all the costly wasted time?
  • If all we had to do was capture the fingerprint, how much more profitable would fingerprint jewelry be?

The Solution

The Dimples Agent Program

  • We accept fingerprints from any source. No special equipment, time consuming app, or cost required to get started
  • If clients want a copy of their loved ones fingerprint we’ll share it with them, free of charge
  • Our average memorial order amount is in excess of $3,000
  • You will receive a significant share of every sale (fingerprint, personalized, or custom) just for taking a fingerprint and referring a client to us

As a Dimples Agent you will never have to do any of the following:

  • Interact with, or support, clients with their purchase
  • Manage orders
  • Deal with customer service issues
  • Track order progress
  • Ship to clients
  • Arrange for clients to pick up
  • Organize and securely store orders until they are picked up

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Your clients will have access to our advanced 3D fingerprint jewelry, our personalized cremation jewelry, and our custom jewelry.

You won’t have to spend a second dealing with any of it and you’ll receive a commission on every sale.

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