Just like the real thing. Amazing, high definition fingerprints.

When you are looking for distinctive, original gift ideas take a look at our fingerprint jewelry collection. We feature fingerprint rings, dog tags, crosses, charms, cuff links and so much more. Plus we can create just about any type of custom fingerprint jewelry you have in mind!


“I fall in love with my Dimples necklace more and more each day. I feel close to my sweet dad when I wear it. Thank you for this most treasured piece.”

How Fingerprint Jewelry Works

At Dimples, we work from images of fingerprints in order to make beautiful jewelry that looks and feels as though your loved one touched it. We don’t care what method is used to create the fingerprints as long as you are able to provide us with clear, in-focus images of fingerprints where individual fingerprint lines are visible. You don’t need to have the fingerprints made and images on hand when you place your order. Simply email them to us any time after you order. Keep in mind, the quality of the fingerprint on the jewelry depends on the quality of the fingerprint image you send us. However, if you don’t have a good quality fingerprint and you can no longer create one, we can enhance and edit the fingerprint you do have, if necessary, to ensure that it will create beautiful jewelry. There is an added fee for this service if it’s needed.

  • clear, in-focus images of fingerprints made using pencil
  • clear, in-focus images of fingerprints made using pencil

  • images produced from a fingerprint scanner (like those used at some funeral homes)

  • jpeg, jpg, png, pdf files

What doesn’t work is using a flatbed scanner/computer scanner to scan fingerprints. For some reason computer scanners compress the image file and the resolution of the fingerprints is very poor. The fingerprints end up looking like smudges with no visible fingerprint lines. Additionally, ink fingerprints made using red ink, or any color other than black or
dark blue, do not work well.

The Easiest Way to Capture Great Fingerprints

What works best: We can use fingerprints from biometric scanners, fingerprints made from ink strips or ink pads. We have even reverse engineered a fingerprint from hand cast! However, the very best results are fingerprints created using a simple method that can be easily done with materials you most likely have around your home. We call it the Pencil and Tape Method.
Once you have the fingerprints all you need to do is capture images of them with your smartphone and email them to us.

The Pencil & Tape Method:
Pencil, plain white paper, clear tape


  • Rub pencil on paper making a dark patch about 1.5 inches in diameter

  • Rub subject’s finger on the dark pencil patch to transfer graphite onto finger (make sure to rub the finger around so it is coated from tip to first knuckle)

  • Stick a 1-2 inch long piece of clear (Scotch) tape (sticky side on finger lengthwise) over the pencil covered area of the finger. Gently smooth the tape onto surface of finger so the maximum amount of print will be transferred to the tape

  • Carefully peel tape off of finger and stick (sticky surface down) onto the clean, plain white paper

  • Use a smartphone to capture a clear, in focus, image of the print

  • E-mail print with order information to