Cremation Jewelry for Ashes of Loved Ones

Cremation jewelry is a unique way to preserve the memory of a loved one who has passed away. It allows individuals to keep a small amount of their loved one’s ashes with them at all times, which can provide comfort and solace during difficult times. Cremation jewelry is so meaningful because it offers a physical connection to the deceased that can be held close to the heart.

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The Process

There are a few steps to creating a perfect cremation jewelry piece that you may want to think about beforehand.

Almost all pieces of Dimples jewelry can be personalized with ashes. We simply add a recessed area on the back of the charm into which your loved ones ashes will be delicately placed. In order to ensure the ashes are secure in that recessed area, and to keep them well protected, the ashes are lovingly embraced in a beautifully glossy resin. Together the ashes and resin have a delicately pillowed, peaceful, appearance and the lustrous shine of a cabochon gem.

At Dimples we take a personal and custom approach to cremation jewelry. We understand that you will want your jewelry crafted intentionally and lovingly with care, and respect. We also know that you will want it made personal and designed just for you. That is why we have built customization into the design process.

Although we most often make the recessed area in the shape of a small heart located on the back toward the bottom of the charm, so one can still engrave above it, you can actually request that your recessed area be a particular size and shape. If you’d prefer angel wings, an infinity symbol, or any other shape large or small we can make that happen for you. Please note that depending on your specific request additional costs may apply.

How to Design Your Own Custom Jewelry from Scratch with Dimples:

There is a $40 cost to add the standard recessed area to the back of the charm and a $90 cost to carefully handle and prepare the ashes, and incorporate the resin.

If you would like to have ashes added to your Dimples charm it is important to communicate your wishes in advance. To do this simply:

  • Call 1-905-850-2050 or Toll Free 1-844-852-5802
  • Text 905-852-2050
  • Live chat on our website
  • Email

We will discuss your needs, answer any questions you have, and walk you through the entire process so you know what will be happening from start to finish.

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Story Behind Images

“We lost our sweet little boy, Michael, in June. We wanted a keepsake jewelry piece but couldn’t find any we loved or companies that truly grasped what we wanted. We then happened upon Dimples. Jeff took the time to listen to us and what our hearts hoped for. He also shared some professional suggestions. We just received our custom pieces and couldn’t be happier. They are everything we envisioned, but couldn’t quite put into words. Even though apart, we can now hold our brave boy near our hearts.”

~ Michel’s mom

Michael was a wonderful, deeply loved and cherished, brave little 10 year old boy. Sadly, due to a rare illness, his family knew his life journey may be short. When Micheal’s journey ended his family reached out to us to craft these profoundly meaningful charms.  Lovingly crafted in 18K yellow gold the fingerprint charms shown contain ashes within the heart. Adding Michael’s signature made these pieces so much more meaningful and personal. Although his journey has ended Michael’s family can forever cherish him and keep his memory alive.

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“Great experience from start to finish. They really care about getting your vision for your custom piece exactly right. Excellent quality and customer service. A company with compassion and integrity.”

Kerry Hansen Mitchell

“Jeff and Patti helped me capture my two girls tiny prints in a special pair of cufflinks for my Father last Christmas. It was such a meaningful gift that he will always treasure.”

Andrea Pawluch

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cremation jewelry is a type of memorial jewelry that holds a small amount of a loved one’s cremated remains, hair, or dried flowers. It is a unique way to keep the memory of a loved one close and with you always.

    Cremation jewelry can be made from a variety of materials such as gold, silver, stainless steel, glass, wood.

    The amount of cremated remains that a piece of cremation jewelry can hold varies depending on the size of the jewelry.

    Yes, many types of cremation jewelry can be engraved with a name, date, or special message. Engraving can add a personal touch and make the piece even more meaningful.

    Cremation jewelry can be purchased from funeral homes, crematoriums, online retailers, and jewelry stores that specialize in memorial jewelry. At Dimples, we design and create custom cremation jewelry for our customers. We Ship all across Canada, the United States, and around the world.

    The cost of cremation jewelry varies depending on the material, design, and size of the piece.

    Cremation jewelry, also called memorial jewelry or remembrance jewelry is simply a way for people to hold close to a loved one.