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Create Custom Jewelry You Will Love

Are you thinking about shopping for a custom piece of jewelry, like a custom-made ring, or a custom-made necklace? You have come to the right place!  Our master jewelry artisans can create jewelry designs that will enhance your personal brand and work well within your lifestyle. When we design custom jewelry at Dimples, we want to capture the essence of your personality in a piece that is timeless.

Work with our Principal Designer, Jeffrey Ross, virtually to bring the jewelry you dream of to life. Start with an idea, see a sketch, select your gemstones, and picture your smile as you wear your meaningful custom creation.

Canadian Icon Inspired Family Legacy Jewelry

Traveling across the country for business, his Dad would bring him and his siblings along for the ride on the via train. When he described the “panorama car” it seemed as if you could also see through the past and into the future peering through those 360° windows. Seated in the present, seeing the past, and looking ahead to the future…it was the perfect symbol to share with his groomsmen.  Read More.

The Enchanting Tale of Our Custom 22K Gold Serpent Ring with Emerald Eyes

At DimplesCharms, we thrive on crafting exceptional custom jewelry that tells a unique story. Our recent collaboration with a client brought to life an exquisite 22K gold serpent ring with captivating emerald eyes, and we’re excited to share the enchanting journey behind its creation…  Read More.

A Story Told Through a White Gold, Bark Necklace with Gemstones

M achieved her Master’s degree while working full time and still being a great mom and wife.  Her husband was so proud of her. It was a challenge they tackled together. “It takes teamwork to make the dream work!” This amazing piece was designed over the phone while K was working in a remote mine location in Northern Ontario, Canada.  See how their story was told through a custom designed necklace. Read More.

A Special Graduation Gift


“It was an absolutely amazing experience dealing with Dimples to have custom jewelry made. Jeff took my vague ideas and a modest budget and created something truly stunning. Can’t recommend enough!”  ~ K, who had this necklace designed as a graduation gift for his wife.

“I am so, so surprised! We never do surprises. This is so beautiful! I love it!” ~ M,  recipient of the necklace.


How to Design Your Own Custom Jewelry from Scratch with Dimples:

Our Principal Designer at Dimples is Jeffrey Ross, who is known for bringing the jewelry clients’ dreams – to life! When you meet Jeff you will understand his dedication to creating amazing custom jewelry pieces.  He handcrafts each piece with love. It is his passion. If you do not feel like you know whether your ideas will work, Jeff will use his expertise to guide you through the process. There are three simple steps to the process:

  • Step 1: Virtual Consultation with our Master Jewelry Designer
  • Step 2: Review and tweak or approve your design
  • Step 3: ENJOY your new custom ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant, and more!

We have created custom pieces for satisfied clients all over Canada and the United States and know our reputation is excellent. You can have full confidence when you work with us from start to finish.

Stunning Custom Made Jewelry

There are a few steps to creating the perfect piece that you may want to think about beforehand.

Get Inspired

Spend time looking at fashion and style magazines. Write down features that you love as well as those you do not love. For example, learn what inspires your unique sense in the custom ring department.
Would you like a ring you can wear every day? Do you want a ring that is super flashy? Do you want your custom ring to look glamorous and upscale? What metals do you like? What precious gemstones do you prefer? Is it going to be an engagement ring? How long do you plan to wear it? Is it a gift? You get the idea.

Determine your budget

It is best to decide in advance exactly how much money you want to spend. Some custom jewelry purchases are worth buying on credit, such as an expensive engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring.
Although many of our customers purchase custom jewelry that they want to wear every day so they feel that it is worth it to spend much more than they would on off-the-rack jewelry. The bottom line is that it is best to determine how much you want to afford before the next step – contacting your expert custom jewelry designer.

Work with a Jewelry Designer

These days, you never have to worry if you can’t meet your jewelry designer in person. Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout, and more have all made it possible to have face-to-face, virtual meetings.
It is also smart to look at online reviews, testimonials, and personal referrals. They will help build confidence in your chosen designer.

Customer Reviews

Custom Jewelry Gallery

Be inspired by the one-of-a-kind items in our recent collection, and then contact our design experts to bring your own unique idea to life. let’s work together to design your own custom jewelry!

Book a chat with Jeff 1-844-852-5802 or schedule a consultation.

Another Custom Option: Remodel or Redesign Unworn Jewelry

Many people do not realize that most fine jewelry can be remodeled or redesigned. It is definitely a viable option for custom jewelry lovers. Most everyone has jewelry that sits in their jewelry wardrobe cases for reasons that no longer matter! Or they simply do not like certain pieces anymore.

For example: If you were given an heirloom ring you do not love, let’s remodel it and make it a bauble you do love.  Or perhaps your wedding got called off and you decided to keep the engagement ring but want to forget the baggage that came with it! Let’s redesign it! You don’t have to use all of the parts. We can take the stone and place it in an entirely new setting. Presto – a custom ring ready for new memories.

Or we can remove the charms from an old white gold charm bracelet and incorporate them into several pieces, like necklace charms or earrings. The sky is the limit. If you do not have ideas on how old, unworn jewelry can be repurposed, set aside a few and set up a consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Jewelry

How much does it cost to make a custom ring?2021-03-17T21:39:31-04:00

Knowing your budget in advance will help us to make the best design decisions when creating a ring you will love and that fits within your budget. Custom rings start at $1400.

How long does it take to make a custom engagement ring?2021-03-17T21:39:55-04:00

Once you approve the design and place your deposit the jewelry can be made in 2-4 weeks. The time range depends on the complexity of the design.

What are the best metals for a custom-designed necklace?2021-03-17T21:40:17-04:00

Gold. White, yellow, rose gold or a combination of gold colors would be the best choice when designing a custom necklace. Of course, we can create custom necklaces in sterling silver and platinum as well.

Can I design my own jewelry?2021-03-17T21:40:44-04:00

Yes! One of our designers can assist you in bringing your design to life.

Are custom rings more expensive?2021-03-17T21:41:08-04:00

Yes. Creating something uniquely made for you will be more expensive than purchasing a pre-made item that’s manufactured by the thousands. If you are looking for a plain design and you aren’t concerned about the quality of materials or level of workmanship, then definitely it is less expensive to select something out of the ‘jewelry case.’ However, if you want to have a role in selecting gemstones, have input on the elements of your ring design, or you’d like the jewelry to tell your story, or want to choose the quality of the materials used, then the custom design is the route for you. With custom design, you have the ability to make design choices to create the best quality ring within your budget. Also, if you have jewelry that you don’t wear and you’d like to remodel it into something you’ll love, then you can reuse gemstones and apply the value of the unused gold to the price of your new jewelry and this makes it more affordable and more environmentally sustainable than purchasing from the jewelry case.

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