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How Handwriting or Artwork on Jewelry Works

It’s so easy to make something you’ll treasure forever!

When you see your loved one’s handwriting you recognize it right away because each person’s is unique. Having your loved one’s handwriting on your jewelry can be so meaningful. You can even personalize jewelry with a loved one’s drawing. Forever capturing your loved one’s handwriting or artwork in custom jewelry creates a beautiful treasure you can wear and enjoy everyday.

At Dimples, we work from images to create your beautiful jewelry. You don’t need to have images of the handwriting or drawing on hand when you place your order. Simply email images to us anytime after you order. Rember, the quality of the handwriting or artwork on the jewelry depends on the quality of the images you provide us with.

Materials: handwriting or drawing, camera (cell phone)


  • Best results come from handwriting/drawings done on plain white paper that is free from lines, patterns, or textures. If it is on folded paper, or a card, open it out fully so it will lay flat
  • Place handwriting/drawing flat onto a hard flat surface

  • Hold the camera directly over top of the handwriting so the image can be taken straight on, not on an angle. Avoid holding the lens on an angle to the handwriting as this will create perspective and distort the shape of it

  • Make sure there are no fingers, objects, or shadows obstructing the clear view of the handwriting

  • Zoom in on the desired portion of handwriting

  • Hold the camera as close as possible but not so close that the autofocus stops working

  • Allow the lens to focus for a moment, then take the picture

  • Email images with order information to

It’s so easy to make something you’ll treasure forever!

“My daughter drew a portrait of me. I was struck by how well she captured the way I stand, leaning into one hip. “Why are my arms out like that?” I asked. “Because, that’s what you look like when you put your arms out to hug me.” All of a sudden my eyes were misty, and while she stood there smiling up at me, I wanted to freeze her in this moment in time. Every time I walked by the picture, I thought about how it would fade over time, or that it might get torn, or lost. I wanted to preserve it to keep this memory alive. My husband turned it into a Dimples charm. I wear it with pride everyday. It is the most meaningful gift I have from the family because carved into the pendant, frozen in time, is the magic of childhood and love. ”


Their words… a treasured keepsake

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Handwriting on Charm

Capture your memories in the highest quality. Don’t settle for simple engraving, Create a treasure that will last forever!


It was my wedding day and someone very special wasn’t able to be with me. The gift of her handwritten words on a charm that I could wear close to my heart that day gave me strength knowing that she was with me after all. I will treasure it always.

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