Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Dimples ships to any country serviced by a courier. Please note that international shipments outside of Canada can incur country specific Customs Duty and Tax charges and it’ll be your responsibility to pay any Customs Duty and Tax charges that your country’s government might levy
on your order.

Can I make a Dimples jewellery piece with my baby or toddler’s fingerprint on it?
Capturing the fingerprint of an baby can be very challenging; however, if you are able to capture a print that has clear fingerprint lines in it, then yes, we can make fingerprint jewellery for you. Alternatively, you can create adorable hand & footprint jewellery pieces using ink prints or a photo of hands and/or feet.

Do I have to use a fingerprint to create my Dimples jewellery piece?
We accept many different types of prints and images. We can work with a fingerprint, thumbprint, hand print, footprint, nose print, paw print, and even a hoof print. We can also create a Dimples jewellery piece for you with someone’s handwritten message, or even their doodle. Please note that
when you submit an image of something larger than a fingerprint, some of the smaller details in the image may be lost when we have to shrink it down to fit on your Dimples jewellery piece.

Should I use ink and paper to capture my pet’s paw or nose print?
The easiest and most convenient way to capture a pet paw or nose print is to take a high resolution digital photo of it. To obtain the best results, you’d need to turn off your flash. The image must be clear and in focus to capture the unique details of your pet’s paw or nose. However, we can certainly work from images of ink paw prints or ink nose prints. We can even work from pictures of plaster paw casts!

Does Dimples jewellery fit on the major brands of bracelets and what is it made of?
Many of our Dimples charms fit the popular brands of bracelets, including Pandora, Tiffany, Tomas Sabo, Persona, and more. When ordering, you’ll find the compatibility information in the description of each piece. We can create your priceless Dimples jewellery in either solid Sterling Silver, or solid 10K, 14K, and 18K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold. As a custom jeweller, upon request, we can also create spectacular Dimples jewellery in Platinum. Please call us at 1-844-852-5802 for more information if you’d like your Dimples jewellery created in Platinum or if you are interested in  custom design.

Is engraving free?
On our personalized jewellery, yes! When ordering, you’ll see a text box where you’ll type in what you’d like us to engrave on the back of your Dimples charm or inside of your ring.

Do you offer other ways for me to customize my Dimples fingerprint jewellery piece?
Yes! We offer further customization on all of our charms. We can add birthstones and precious gemstones to your Dimples piece or cast a handwritten message or image on the back of it! Please email or call us at 1-844-852-5802 for details and pricing if you wish to further customize your Dimples

What special characters are available for engraving?
We can engrave a heart, hashtag or number sign (#), ampersand sign (&), slash (/), and all regular punctuation symbols available for engraving your Dimples jewellery piece. Other special characters can be made available upon request and at an additional charge.

Will my Dimples fingerprint jewellery piece look exactly like the image I see on your website?
No. Not exactly. Because each Dimples jewellery piece is unique because each person’s fingerprint is unique.  The size of the fingerprint on your piece will be relative to the age and size of the person’s print. Meaning a child’s fingerprint will take up less space on a Dimples charm than an adult’s fingerprint.

Can I place an order over the phone?
Yes! Please feel free to call us at 1-844-852-5802 if you’d prefer to order over the phone.

What happens after I order?
We’ll send you an email with instructions on how to capture a fingerprint and confirm receipt of your order. Then you’ll email us the image you’d like us to use to personalize your jewellery piece. If you email us a fingerprint image, we’ll focus on the most clearly defined and interesting portion of the best fingerprint and create a digital version of it. Then we’ll crop that area and digitally clean up the print edges, leaving the lines and wrinkles in the fingerprint that makes each one of us unique intact. It’s important for you to remember that the quality of your Dimples keepsake will be based on the quality of the image you provide us with. We will let you know if the image you sent us is not high enough quality.  After we’ve created the digitized image for your Dimples piece, we’ll then expertly handcraft your special keepsake here in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

How long will it take for me to receive my Dimples jewellery after I order?
You’ll receive your beautiful Dimples keepsake within 3-4 weeks after we receive the image you’d like us to use. If you want your Dimples order delivered more quickly, we do have a “RUSH” delivery option that you can choose when checking out online. Choosing this option enables you to receive your Dimples keepsake within 7-10 business days after receipt of the image you’d like us to use. Please note that we don’t guarantee delivery times should something occur that’s beyond our control, such as a courier delivery error or inclement weather.

How do I care for my Dimples jewellery?
If you order Dimples jewellery in Sterling Silver, even though we craft it in the highest 925 grade, you can expect your priceless keepsake to tarnish over time. Sterling Silver, specifically, is known to lose its luster over a period of time and this tarnishing is not an indication of poor quality. Rather,
it’s the result of being exposed to the environment and the everyday products we use, such as perfumes, hair care products, lotions, and more. When your piece does tarnish, simply clean it with a jewellery cloth to restore it to its original lustrous shine or use a liquid based silver jewellery cleaner. You can purchase these items from Dimples or from your local department or jewellery store. Be sure to follow the product instructions carefully so as to avoid damaging your jewellery. Do not use any abrasive jewellery polishing compounds.  If you order Dimples jewellery in Platinum or Gold, regardless of the karat and colour, it requires very little care. You’ll want to keep it looking lustrous though so we suggest you use an ultrasonic cleaner
to gently and effectively clean it. You can add an ultrasonic cleaner to your Dimples order. If you order Dimples jewellery with stones, you will need to take more care when cleaning it because of the stone settings. We suggest using an ultrasonic cleaner to gently and effectively clean all of
your jewellery with stones because the stones, too, can then also be gently and effectively cleaned. You can add an ultrasonic cleaner to your order.

Is there a warranty on your jewellery?
Yes! All Dimples jewellery is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase except chains which carry a 30 day warranty. Within the respective warranty periods, if we determine that your defect is warranted, Dimples will quickly repair or replace the defective piece at no cost to you. Our warranty does not cover pieces that have inscription errors made by you, pieces that show misuse, abuse or neglect by you, pieces that are discolored due to environmental factors, or pieces that are discoloured due to allergic reactions. Our warranty becomes void if the piece has been altered by anyone other than Dimples. Outside of our warranty period, repairs to damaged or worn pieces will be quoted based on our standard repair costs.

How do I make a warranty claim?
Please submit your order number and pictures of your Dimples jewellery piece by email, detailing the reason for your warranty claim. We’ll determine if your warranty submission meets our warranty criteria and, if it does, you’ll receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from us.
After you receive it, you’ll then have 30 days to return your defective or damaged jewellery to us. Any jewellery returned to us without the RMA number will not be processed. Dimples reserves the right to deny any warranty claim if it fails to meet our warranty criteria.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the custom nature of our keepsakes, Dimples does not accept returns for refunds. However, if it’s determined that your piece has a warrantable issue, we’ll quickly repair or replace it free of charge. You assume all responsibility for the information you enter with your order and Dimples is not responsible for replacing any jewellery piece should you accidentally submit incorrect information with your order.

Are my fingerprints kept on file at Dimples?
Yes. We keep a digital file of your fingerprint on record, unless you request it be deleted from our secure offline database. This allows you to easily order Dimples jewellery again in the future using the same fingerprint.