Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Dimples ships to any country serviced by a courier. Please note that international shipments outside of Canada can incur country specific Customs Duty and Tax charges and it’ll be your responsibility to pay any Customs Duty and Tax charges that your country’s government might levy
on your order.

Can I make a Dimples jewellery piece with my baby or toddler’s fingerprint on it?
Capturing the fingerprint of an baby can be very challenging; however, if you are able to capture a print that has clear fingerprint lines in it, then yes, we can make fingerprint jewellery for you. Alternatively, you can create adorable hand & footprint jewellery pieces using ink prints or a photo of hands and/or feet.

Do I have to use a fingerprint to create my Dimples jewellery piece?
We accept many different types of prints and images. We can work with a fingerprint, thumbprint, hand print, footprint, nose print, paw print, and even a hoof print. We can also create a Dimples jewellery piece for you with someone’s handwritten message, or even their doodle. Please note that
when you submit an image of something larger than a fingerprint, some of the smaller details in the image may be lost when we have to shrink it down to fit on your Dimples jewellery piece.

Should I use ink and paper to capture my pet’s paw or nose print?
The easiest and most convenient way to capture a pet paw or nose print is to take a high resolution digital photo of it. To obtain the best results, you’d need to turn off your flash. The image must be clear and in focus to capture the