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A life that touches others goes on forever.


“Losing a child is… truly unbearable. I keep my son close to me with my Dimples fingerprint jewelry. I wear it every single day and it is a great source of strength for me. When I’m having bad days I repeat the words engraved on it. I kiss it each time I put it on. It helps me make it through each day as it comes. I can’t even describe how important it is to me.” ~ from Connor’s dad

The Story Behind the Piece. A Mother & Daughter’s Pinky Promise

Patti couldn’t keep the tears back telling the touching story behind this meaningful set of mother & daughter necklaces.

Nonna: A Treasured Keepsake

This video was kindly created and submitted by one of our customers. She
had a Dimples Fingerprint Necklace made using her ailing Nonna’s fingerprint as
a gift for her cousin. She presented her with the gift outside the hospital where
Nonna was. As the video illustrates it was a delightful surprise and a gift
that is treasured. It is worn and loved every day.

Keeping Mom Close

How it works

Do you have a loved one's fingerprint that you would like to create a lasting keepsake with? We can work with fingerprints obtained from funeral homes. If you have ink fingerprints simply take clear, in-focus photos of them and email the images to us or upload the image with your order. We can make keepsakes with hand & footprints and handwriting as well.

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