At we craft exceptional personalized and custom fine jewelry with great care and love. Clients who choose to work with us do so because they know they can trust us to listen, care, empathize, and to craft their jewelry to the highest industry standard. We are always keen to hear your stories and understand precisely what you are looking to create.

One of our greatest pleasures is to learn about your story and develop a friendship with you. We are sincere when we say “we craft your jewelry with the same care and love that we would if we were making it for a member of our own family.” Some of your stories are delightfully happy while others are heartbreaking. Each of them is a source of inspiration for us and they are a huge part of why we do what we do.

We recently collaborated on a project with a client who had suffered the sudden loss of her younger brother. She originally came to us because she loved our fingerprint jewelry after seeing it online. She reached out by phone to ask a few questions and discovered that even more personalization was possible that would make her jewelry extra special. We designed unique pendants personalized with her brother’s fingerprint on one side and a custom created symbol representing her family on the other side of the pendant. It was our honor to craft such special pieces for this family to forever keep their son and brother close to their hearts in a meaningful way.

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We found Kennedy’s story touching and asked her if she’d be willing to share it with you.  We hope it will inspire you to take some time to feel grateful for, and express gratitude to, your family and loved ones. We hope you will find this story just when you need it most. We also hope her brother’s story raises awareness of this devastating heart condition, myxomatous degeneration. Please read on, here is Kennedy’s story in her own words:

“Hi all, my name is Kennedy. I come from a 6 person family with 3 younger brothers and 2 wonderful parents. The six of us have always been a close-knit, fun-loving family. While we have always been close, me and my brothers found ourselves becoming genuine friends with one another, not just siblings, as we were getting into our twenties.

In November of 2021, my youngest brother Karson passed away suddenly due to a heart valve complication. He was an incredible and seemingly healthy 19 year old. And now here I am, a few months later. Everything feels off now. Unbalanced. Hating that time asks no consent and continues on.

Karson was attending college near my apartment and would always give me a call or stop by frequently.  The day before he died, he actually stayed the night at my apartment.  Being the 19 year old kid (and man) he was, he was eager to get a home-cooked meal and an audience member for all of his college stories.

The next day we went out for lunch and watched our favorite TV show (when I probably should have been working, whoops).  We had some great and genuine conversations about our futures and his path forward during college.  He was talking to me about worries you can sometimes only tell an older sibling. It was just any old Thursday. The most wonderful and normal of days.

fingerprint jewelry

Just a few hours after he left, I got a call that he suddenly passed away at his college home.  They knew no details except for that there was no foul play involved (drugs, alcohol, fighting, etc.).  It wasn’t until many weeks later that we found out that he had a heart valve complication, myxomatous degeneration, that could not have been detected.

Since then, time moves by differently. We have found many ways to keep his spirit alive. Things like putting together scholarships in his memory, the Karson Kent Janssen Memorial Fund; spreading heart health awareness; sharing stories with loved ones; and simply being a little kinder to others. I frequently find myself missing his physical being, his smile, and his youthfulness.

I scoured the internet looking for a piece of fingerprint jewelry that would allow me to honor Karson. That is when I came across Dimples. Working with Jeff was incredible. While on a Zoom session with him I explained I wanted something simple and timeless on the front, with his print on the back, so it could be closer and more personal to me.

I shared my story with Jeff and said I would like to have a sun as the symbol on the front. Karson and I loved the sun and he is still a light in so many ways. Little did I know that Jeff was creating the most perfect design to honor Karson. He showed me a beautiful, artisan-like sun with six large rays, signifying the six of us in my family. Additionally there is a diamond in the center made up of 4 “K”s, both for “Karson Kent” and representing that all 4 of us siblings’ names start with the letter ‘K”. I immediately teared up and knew this was the perfect charm. So perfect in fact, my mom decided to get the same charm in silver, while I chose mine to be yellow gold.”

Thank you, Kennedy, for taking the time to bravely share your story. It’s evident from your words that each day your family faces the impossibly challenging task of continuing in Karson’s absence. We hope your custom pendants bring you comfort and strength each day and help you feel always close to Karson. Thank you for trusting Dimples to help you create such significant pieces. We are truly honored. May your memories of Karson’s youthful spirit always lift you.

fingerprint jewelry

They are absolutely magical. The necklaces were delivered just in time for Karson’s birthday. Since then, I have rarely taken it off.  While nothing can lessen the pain, it is an incredible feeling to have my brother’s hand on mine once again.

Thank you Dimples for allowing me to do so!

You are most welcome Kennedy. It was our pleasure getting to know you and to collaborate on these truly meaningful pieces. We truly hope you cherish them and that they bring you comfort and peace as you, and your family, navigate this difficult time.

Kennedy’s pieces are one-of-a-kind creations designed just for her.

If you’d like to learn more about how you too can have something remarkable created to honor a loved one please don’t be a stranger. Call, or text, 905-852-2050. Email [email protected], or reach out on our live chat.