Sentimental Wedding Rings, Two Hearts Become One

You know that feeling when you fall in love? Not the “love at first sight” kind of thing. I’m talking about true love. The love you experience at the beginning of a relationship that then grows and expands. That kind of love that feels like home, like your hearts have become one. Well, that’s what is represented in this wedding ring design. Two separate lives and hearts coming together to form one whole heart.

It’s often difficult to find the gold wedding bands that are just right for you, that reflect your relationship, and that you’ll love wearing every day. When that happens, custom made wedding bands are your best option. That’s precisely why Daniel and Anna approached Dimples to bring their meaningful and playful ring design idea to life.

While Dimples is known as a specialist in crafting the world’s finest fingerprint jewelry, we have also been designing and creating custom jewelry and some of the most unique gold wedding bands and engagement rings since 2006. When a couple approaches us about creating custom wedding bands or is in search of truly unique wedding rings two surprises await them. The first is how easy, enjoyable, and relaxed the collaborative design process is with Dimples. The second is how, through listening and asking questions, we arrive at a design, and ultimately, finished wedding bands that match exactly what they had imagined.

Daniel and Anna’s situation was unique. Not only because they sought a set of wedding rings with a unique puzzle piece element designed specifically for them, but also because they had some gold of significant sentimental importance that they wanted incorporated into their rings. Because we craft everything right here in our studio and have all the equipment necessary to bring virtually any jewelry idea to life, we were excited to let this couple know that incorporating their own gold into their rings was not only possible, but was something we have done for several clients in the past. Daniel and Anna were delighted!

Then the discussion became about what the ring design should be. Like many couples, Daniel and Anna had a vague idea at first. Their idea related to the theme of two hearts becoming one and they wanted an interactive component. The interactive heart puzzle piece concept emerged as the winning design. Modest and elegant, creative and whimsical. This design is a great reflection of the couple as individuals and the small yellow gold heart halves perfectly encapsulate their love and how they are whole when combined.

Does using your own gold decrease the cost of custom made wedding rings?

Many people ask this question. The answer is, no. Not necessarily. Much work goes into ensuring that the used gold is free of contaminants and that the end product is of highest quality. Using your own gold to create custom rings is not a choice you would make based on cost. People who choose to employ their own gold, perhaps jewelry that belonged to relatives and is meaningful, do so because of the sentimental value it adds to their new jewelry.

Thank you for trusting us with the creation of these special rings Daniel and Anna! It was a great pleasure and honor collaborating with you. We wish you both a lifetime of love, joy, and happiness as two hearts together!