Surround her in love with Dimples

Fall is flying by and that means it’s time to start thinking about meaningful Christmas gifts for mom! Luckily, Dimples has compiled this helpful gift guide that will have mothers everywhere swooning in delight on Christmas morning. Each item includes engraving (talk about personalized!), standard shipping is free, and they are all available in sterling silver, and white, yellow or rose gold.
First up are Dimples Stacking Rings – the perfect gift idea for the trendy mom. YG-4mm-FLAT-BANDThey put a modern spin on the traditional family ring, with each stacking ring representing a family member. Plus, the personalized engraving takes it to a whole new level. By ordering rings in different metals, you can get a super cool mix-and-match look that will really show off her style. Starting at $259 each.
-Yellow_Gold_BeadFor mom’s beloved Pandora bracelet, Dimples now has an amazing Fingerprint Bead that lets her keep her precious babes close, even when she’s out on the town. And you thought she had every charm! She will love these adorable beads, starting at $179 each.

If you’re like me, with a few budding artists in the house, you’re constantly finding pieces of paper with doodles on them.
Sometimes it’s even a cute drawing of mom. Imagine her face on Christmas morning when she sees her portrait captured on a sterling silver Doodle Charm! Don’t let these pictures get torn, faded, or worse, lost. Save them forever on a charm. Starting at $199 each.

These heartfelt gifts will definitely have mom feeling the love on Christmas morning!

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