Linking objects are those items that help us feel forever connected to loved ones we’ve lost.

At Dimples, we believe life is a collection of remarkable moments shared with those you love. Our job is to help people capture and preserve life’s special moments in a lasting way through personalized and custom jewelry.

However, we have learned much along this journey. One significant learning that I didn’t expect to be shown is that grieving never ends. Ever. While it’s a wonderful gift to have loved someone so much that the ache of their abscence never disappears; it is also very painful. The need to maintain connection, memory, to keep those loved ones forever close is important and should’t be diminished.

When we started our passion project, Dimples, we didn’t realize the meaningful, powerful impact our work would have on people living with loss and grief. Year after year it becomes clearer that our role is to help people create Linking Objects in the form of personalized jewelry that allows them to feel close and connected to to their loved ones.

Linking objects are items that aid people in maintaining connection to loved ones. They are powerful in their significance. Fingerprint jewelry and jewelry personalized with a loved one’s hand & footprints, pet paw prints, drawing, or handwriting are precious and meaningful linking objects to people who have lost a loved one.

Dr. Vamik Volkan, a psychiatrist, was the first to coin the theory of Linking Objects in 1972. Since then, much research has been done that confirms the meaningful connection Linking Objects provide, especially when mourning loss. The physical, tactile experience of holding or rubbing an object is helpful.

Because touch is so important, our jewelry is scientifically designed to enhance the tactile experience. The fingerprint in Dimples fingerprint jewelry is three-dimensional and appears like the person has actually touched the jewelry, which provides added comfort.

If you would like to create a truly unique and meaningful custom piece of jewelry for yourself, please reach out. Our jewelry is made with love and intension. We would be delighted to assist you. You can reach us at 1-844-852-5802 or by email.