Fingerprint Ring, Rose Gold, Flat, 3mm

699.00 USD

Create a unique and meaningful ring with your loved one’s fingerprint captured in amazing detail. You’ll have the only ring of its kind in the world! A beautiful way to keep loved ones close.

Create your ring with one or two fingerprints.

Inquire to further customize with gemstones.

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You’ll receive an email with easy, step-by-step instructions on how to create and submit your content (fingerprint, hand/footprint, paw print, handwriting or drawing).


This gorgeous fingerprint ring will be made to order for you.  Each ring is lovingly handcrafted in Canada.

Wear your heart on your…hand!  The fingerprints is in such high definition you’ll swear your loved one just removed a finger from the metal!

Personalize with 1 or 2 fingerprints.

Please inquire to receive pricing with diamonds, sapphires, other gemstones, or custom design.


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