Mini Fingerprint Halo Earrings, Sterling Silver

1129.00 USD

Adorable fingerprint earrings that are most meaningful. Capture your loved ones’ fingerprints in sterling silver and surrounded by a halo of sparkling stones.  A truly unique and beautiful way to keep your loved ones with you, always.

12.5mm diameter with 10mm fingerprint area

Choose from a halo of Austrian Crystals or Birthstones

Create each with a different fingerprint or both the same

Lovingly crafted for you in Canada by talented artisans

Use 2 Different Prints

Type of Stone in Halo *

Month (if choosing Birthstones)

Notes for your order

You’ll receive an email with easy, step-by-step instructions on how to create and submit your content (fingerprint, hand/footprint, paw print, handwriting or drawing).


These adorable fingerprint earrings are fashionable yet sentimental. Have a different fingerprint on each or make them both the same. A unique and meaningful way to keep your loved ones close. Fingerprints in stunning clarity and detail.

How to get the fingerprints to us?

Simply email high resolution, clear, in-focus images of fingerprints to us after you place your order

Product Description

12.5mm in diameter with a 10mm fingerprint area

Personalize with a different fingerprint on each or the same on both

Choose from a halo of Austrian crystals or birthstones

Butterfly earring backs



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