Thinking back to the early days of your relationship with the partner you’ve been in crime with for years now still brings a smile to your face, sparkle to your eye, and blush to your cheeks. Am I right?  Those days were full of fun, spontaneity, and carefree joy.

A decade in, sometimes those carefree days are hard to remember as daily responsibilities mount to suppress our lightheartedness.  That’s why it is so important to celebrate anniversaries and remember that your unique relationship is truly special.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the most important relationship of his life, Rich looked to create a gift that signified the unique love between him and Beth.  With the help of Dimples he created the perfect anniversary gift, custom jewellery that told their love story.  Inspired by Rich’s story and based on his wishes, our chief designer, Jeffrey Ross, created set of layered yellow gold necklaces with one pendant on each, which he first presented as an illustration.

One necklace carries a 14K yellow gold vertical pendant, bead set with 10 brilliant cut round diamonds, one diamond to represent each year of their relationship. On the other chain is a large circular pendant in 14K yellow gold, etched with numerous words meaningful to the couple alone, reflective of moments from the dawn of their relationship. The story of how their adventure began.

Together, like the two lives that entwine, these necklaces combine to perfectly celebrate the remarkable moments in this wonderful relationship.

Wishing you many decades more of love and laughter Rich & Beth!

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