Meaning Filled Gifts for the 2020 Holidays

No doubt this year has been unique and remarkable…but in a devastating way for our world. That’s why this holiday season deserves extra joy & cheer. The gifts we give our loved ones need to be unique and remarkable in the most delightful way.

Here are ideas for thoughtful, meaningful gifts that help connect us to our loved ones and make us Smile!

Dimples – you see them when people smile!


A gift that Stops Time – Create a personalized piece of jewelry or an accessory with your children’s or graPet Memorial Jewelry
ndchildren’s Handprints/Footprints.

A gift of Unconditional Love – The kind that only your furry family members can provide. To be reminded of the love you receive from your pet create a custom treasure with your pet’s Paw Print in jewelry

A gift to Remember Someone – The holidays can be especially difficult if you are missing a lost loved one. It can be very comforting to have something of them to wear close and feel forever connected to them. Fingerprint Jewelry with Handwriting on back is a perfect choice.

A gift to Stay Close – Keep those who matter most always close with personalized Fingerprint Jewelry and accessories. Guaranteed to be an un-regiftable gift and one that will be truly cherished!

A gift of Hope & Strength – Butterfly Strong Necklaces celebrate the subtle strengths of  sensitivity, compassion, and vulnerability. To recognize the subtle superpowers in your friends and loved ones or as a reminder to yourself that you have what it takes to be resilient, this is the perfect gift!

A gift for the Environment – Have an environmentalist or naturalist on your list?Our Bark jewelry  has the texture of ash bark and each purchase plants trees! 6mm Ash Bark Ring, Yellow Gold

Dimples Holiday Order Deadline is Mon. Nov. 23

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