Don’t let dust collect on your treasures…wear them with love

It’s so easy to make something you’ll treasure forever!

A picture of your artwork is all we need.
Black marker on white paper works best.

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It’s so easy to make something you’ll treasure forever!

“My daughter drew a portrait of me. I was struck by how well she captured the way I stand, leaning into one hip. “Why are my arms out like that?” I asked. “Because, that’s what you look like when you put your arms out to hug me.” All of a sudden my eyes were misty, and while she stood there smiling up at me, I wanted to freeze her in this moment in time. Every time I walked by the picture, I thought about how it would fade over time, or that it might get torn, or lost. I wanted to preserve it to keep this memory alive. My husband turned it into a Dimples charm. I wear it with pride everyday. It is the most meaningful gift I have from the family because carved into the pendant, frozen in time, is the magic of childhood and love. ”

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We aren’t in the jewelry business…We help you capture life’s remarkable moments and turn them into treasured memories.

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