They have a special place in our hearts…and our jewelry

How it Works:

You’ll love the easy process! We can create your treasures using:

  • Photos of pet paws
  • Ink paw prints
  • Photos of plaster paw casts
  • Photos of horse shoes

Our Design Specialists are happy to help you!

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“When I was little I gave my mom a picture frame that said “Dream it; Become it.” My mom has always believed in me and that frame meant a lot to both of us. Now I wear my mom’s fingerprint on my Dimples Stock Tie pin along with the quote from that frame as a reminder of the wonderful support I have in all the dreams I pursue.” ~ Jessica Phoenix, Canadian Olympic Equestrian

Handmade Jewelry

We aren’t in the jewelry business…We help you capture life’s remarkable moments and turn them into treasured memories.

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