Supportive mother and grandmother figures, biological or chosen, those present from day one and those collected throughout life, are incredible people and the impact they have on our lives is undeniably remarkable. These women should be celebrated in the most meaningful way.

Is there a unique gift that can adequately convey thanks for all their care and concern, from comforting scraped knees and hurt feelings, providing food that nourished your soul as much as it did your body, to encouraging you to follow your dreams and words that got you through the most difficult days? There is!

With Dimples you can create one-of-a-kind jewelry personalized with a loved one’s:

  • Fingerprint
  • Hand & Footprint
  • Pet Paw Print
  • Handwriting
  • Drawing
  • Or any combination of the above

Beautiful, custom made jewelry with great sentimental significance can be worn and enjoyed each day. With every glance at it or touch of it, your connection is felt. Unlike the fleeting joy from gifts like flowers and chocolates, Dimples jewelry is lasting.

Not sure what to create? Here are some perfect ideas for the special ‘moms’ in your life including new moms, seasoned moms, grandmothers, pet moms, faithful moms, trendy moms, gemstone-loving moms, and the women who have been like mothers to you.

For the New Mother

Being a new mom is one of the most scary yet beautiful things to experience. It’s a huge adjustment when you make room for a new life. Show your support with the Footprint Bar Necklace. Take the new baby’s footprint as a celebration of their entry into life, and you’ll be able to always hold that reminder close to you as you watch them grow up. All we need in order to make Hand & Footprint Jewelry is a clear image of the soles of the feet and/or palms of the hands. We can also work from images of ink hand and footprints.

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For the Seasoned Mom

No matter how old you are, you’ll always be your mother’s baby. For the mom who has seen her children through all things good and bad, big and small, create a lasting treasure that will keep her forever close to those she loves most. A collection of the Mini Fingerprint Charms is a great choice. Each charm is delicate and beautiful, a subtle reminder and a lasting connection. Wear several together as a cluster on a chain.

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For Grandma

Grandma’s Brag Book has a modern replacement. A piece of jewelry that keeps her grandchildren close to her heart. The Family Circle Fingerprint Necklace features a circle pendant personalized with the fingerprints of all her grandkids! A perfectly subtle way to keep all the grandkids on display.

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For the Pet Mom

Who says being a mom only applies to human children? Pet moms are just as deserving of the ‘mom’ title and their fur babies would agree! A Paw Print Charm Necklace is a special reminder of the unconditional love you receive from your furry family member who can always be found by your side. To make it, all we need is an image of the paw or an image of an ink paw print or paw cast.

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For the Faithful Mother

If the mother figure you’re thinking of is religious, the Fingerprint Cross Necklace is a fitting choice. Reminded of both her devotion to loved ones and her faith as well whenever she wears this cross personalized with her child or grandchild’s fingerprint, it is remarkably unique. It’s a wonderful symbol of how love transcends and intertwines caring deeply for the people in your life and belief in a higher power at the same time.

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For the Trendy Mom

This mom keeps up with fashion trends or has a preference for eclectic styles, so most ‘mom jewelry’ isn’t her style. She would LOVE the Paperclip Necklace with Charm Holder and Fingerprint Charm; the chain of the necklace is stylishly made to resemble paperclip-shaped links, with a charm holder attached where she can collect all her favorite personalized charms.  Unconventional and significant all in one.

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For the Gemstone-Loving Mother

Buying jewelry for a mom who loves some extra bling? Sure thing! Make meaningful jewelry customized with a loved one’s fingerprint surrounded by a halo of gemstones. Gemstone options include Austrian crystals, diamonds, or your own choice of birthstones. It’s an extra special way of accentuating how important that person is, to have their fingerprint surrounded by precious stones! If she prefers rings, make it a Fingerprint Halo Ring. She won’t be able to keep her eyes off of it.

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For the Person who has been a Mom to You (and gift givers with small budgets)

Sometimes the greatest and most important influences on us are from outside our biological backgrounds. We at Dimples acknowledge that many ‘moms’ are chosen family, rather than blood relations, so why not show your admiration for the mother figure in your life with the Butterfly Strong Necklace? The Butterfly Strong movement celebrates strengths that are often overlooked and undervalued, such as compassion, vulnerability, and more. This item is not personalized, but it’s a beautiful reminder to embrace your sensitive side and recognize your own personal power. It also comes with a special message printed on seed paper, which she can plant to grow wildflowers that attract butterflies. It’s a great way to show someone how much you value and respect her presence in your life.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate!