Family Traditions made with Fingerprint Jewelry

Getting to know our customers is what I love best about our business.  Learning about them, hearing about their families growing, and helping them celebrate important family milestones is truly a priviledge.

Waaaay back, when we had a studio gallery in the lower level of a fine dining establishment in Uxbridge, Ontario, we met a lot of people. Being as friendly as Jeff is, he’d always learn about our visitors and when they returned again to the restaurant they’d stop in to say ‘Hi’. Jeff, like his mom, has an incredible memory and would always remember people and little details about their lives that they had shared with him in the past. People love to be remembered! So relationships grew.

That’s where we first met Eunice & John. In that lower level gallery location. Whenever they came to town to dine, they’d stop in to say ‘hello’ and we grew to learn more about them and their family each visit. To celebrate the arrival of their first grandchild, Eunice and John decided to have a Dimples Fingerprint Charm made for their daughter. That was a decade ago! Little did any of us know that this was the beginning of a meaningful and lasting family tradition for welcoming new family members into the world.

I received a call from Eunice recently. It was great to catch up. I heard how her family was surviving the pandemic. It was time for another couple of Dimples fingerprint charms to be made to welcome her grandchildren! Eunice noted that these gifts were even more special, this year in particular, since no one could celebrate in person.

Here’s how Eunice describes the place Dimples has in their family,

“It is definitely a family tradition with us and we are so pleased to be able to gift a quality item that is so special that it will be loved and kept for generations.  It was very serendipitous for us to meet Jeff at the shop over 10 years ago now…not long after you launched Dimples.  Jeff was so welcoming and we enjoyed seeing his custom design work and quality jewelry.  We know his attention to detail adds to the beauty of his pieces.  Both you and Jeff certainly make it an easy process to decide on, order and have you carry out such beautiful custom, heirloom pieces.  We have enjoyed seeing all the new additions to the Dimples line over the years. The charms we have ordered are all the more special because we know the personal touch that you both put into each piece.”

If you are looking to add new and meaningful traditions to mark family milestones, remember that Dimples specializes in custom design and can bring to life the ideas you have for remarkable jewelry gifts.  As Eunice points out, your jewelry will be made with love and care!