Measure twice, order once!

A new take on an old saying, but still very true. A critical ingredient when getting a custom ring made is an accurate ring size measurement. You definitely want to be able to slip your newly crafted dream ring onto your finger with ease and have it fit perfectly when you take it out of its box.  Otherwise, you find yourself having to be separated from your brand new, beautiful ring in order to have it resized as soon as you get it. That’s so disappointing.

How do you determine your ring size?  There are numerous ring sizing tools available. You can either measure from a ring you currently have that fits well or you can measure the finger you plan to wear the ring on.

Below, find a link to a very helpful ring sizing tool you can use to learn your ring size. You’ll know if it printed properly if you use the coin test at the top of the page. There is a different tool depending on if you are testing with Canadian and US coins.

Canadian Ring Sizing Tool

US Ring Sizing Tool