They fight ferociously, but they love and defend each other just as fiercely.  This is the special bond of siblings. While you have every right to tease and name-call your brother or sister, no one else on the planet has permission to do so without the wrath of a defensive sibling.  As you read this, if you are blessed with a sibling, I’m sure you are recalling such a moment and smiling at the memory. Hopefully, you find yourself best friends with that same sibling today. Like our customer Samantha.

Samantha reached out to Dimples to create a Fingerprint Ring with her brother’s fingerprint. Sadly, her little brother Corbin had passed away. She wanted a fingerprint ring she could wear as a daily reminder of the life he lived, the love they shared, and to keep him forever close.

“Corbin was an amazing, smart, deep young man who had a way with people and a way with words. He died way too young at the age of 23.

I’ve had a lifetime  of laughs, love, family dinners, inside jokes, school memories, late night talks, neighborhood games, lots of firsts, fun with our parrot, and endless friendship and support with my brother. He was literally my eternal best friend. I could not even choose one story to share since he was such an amazing kid and every moment I spent with him was completely unforgettable.

Thanks to dimples charms I am able to carry his fingerprint with me forever and I couldn’t be more thankful.”


Corbin James

Thank you Samantha for letting us share your story. May the world know how special your brother was. May he live in your heart forever. Thank you for trusting Dimples to help you create a meaningful keepsake of Corbin. To view fingerprint rings like the one Samantha created click here. Available in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Thinking about creating fingerprint memorial jewelry? We’d be honored to help you. All that is needed to create a priceless keepsake of memorial jewelry is an image of your loved one’s fingerprint. If it’s too late to capture one then a piece with your loved one’s handwriting is a beautiful option too.  Let us know how we can help you.  Keep your loved ones forever close.