Earlier this year, Lisa reached out to us. Her husband was learning how to make braided leather bracelets and she wondered if we could create a fingerprint charm that would fit on them. Specializing in custom jewelry, I knew we could work together to come up with something that would be just right. And we did! Sterling silver fingerprint charms with handwriting on the back that were designed to fit their braided leather bracelets.

Then I found out just how special these bracelets were going to be. Lisa’s dad had passed away in December and she was truly missing him. Here’s how Lisa tells the meaningful story behind her custom bracelets:

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“My Birthday was in March. It was so hard knowing there wouldn’t be a phone call or card from my Dad on that day. I didn’t realize just how hard it would be. I didn’t want my brother to feel this much emptiness on his Birthday in June. When my Dad passed in December, I asked the funeral home to take a thumbprint for me.  I wasn’t sure what I would do with it but asked anyway. With my brother’s birthday in mind, I started Googling and found several fingerprint items, but I really fell in love with Dimples products. I emailed Patti back and forth a dozen times and they worked with me to customize a charm with my dad’s fingerprint and handwriting to add to a bracelet my husband wanted to braid to make this gift extra special. We received the charms and oh my heart was filled with joy, and some tears too. We decided to give it to my brother privately before his birthday so he would have something special from Dad. Everyone that sees us wearing our bracelets absolutely loves the idea.

I often catch myself rubbing the print as if I’m holding my Daddy’s hand.

I appreciate the great customer service and the quality of the Dimples products.”

When I asked Lisa if she would be willing to let me share her story she answered with a resounding yes, Please share to help others learn about this option. It’s a great way to heal.”

If you have an idea for a meaningful piece of jewelry that you would like to create, reach out to the Dimples team and we can bring your idea to life in precious metal and gemstones. We are a family owned and operated business and our jewelry is lovingly handcrafted in our studio in rural Ontario.

Thank you so much, Lisa, for trusting Dimples with such a special and meaningful project. Your charms were made with love and care and we are so glad that you and your brother find them helpful in your healing process. May you feel forever connected to your dad. Thank you also for sharing your story with us and our audience.

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