Erin had a meaningful fingerprint necklace made with her dad’s fingerprint and his handwriting on the back of the pendant. It’s truly a privilege when a customer shares with us the personal story behind the jewelry they have made and what their Dimples jewelry means to them. It’s even more special when they permit us to share their tale with you.  Here Erin shares her dear Dad with us. It’s an important reminder of the seriousness of concussions that we should all be aware of.
“I know that all  of the beautiful jewellery you make is extremely meaningful. Personally, I wanted and feel like you should know how amazingly wonderful my Dear Dad was. The charm you are making for me will be the most sentimental and important piece for me. My Dad and I were super close, a “daddy’s girl”.
My Dad died of dementia due to concussions he sustained while playing professional football for the CFL. When Dad walked into a room, people would notice. Tall, well built, dark hair, blue eyes and extremely handsome.
With my Dad’s permission, I had Dad’s brain donated to the “Legacy Concussion Foundation” at Boston University. They will check his brain for CTE and/or other ailments. Maybe you have watched the movie “Concussion” with Will Smith. It’s the story of football player Mike Webster and his fight with CTE. Websters brain and other NFL players brains have been studied at Boston University.
My Dad was a high school teacher and touched many students lives. I had many messages from former students explaining how my Dad changed their lives. My Dad was a true gentleman and made his dreams come true with a lot of hard work.
I want to thank you for your creativity and the sentimentality of your beautiful works of art. Thank you for giving me a piece of my Dad that I will treasure forever.”
“I am so very thankful to Patti and her hubby for creating a beautiful, sentimental and personal piece of jewellery that is extremely cherished. The necklace charm was lovingly designed and has instantly become my most precious treasure. My Dear Dad passed away April 30th, 2020 due to concussions he sustained from playing professional football with the CFL which we now know is CTE. Dad and I had a beautiful and super close relationship. Thankfully “Dimples” was able to create a timeless piece that I wear close to my heart. This may sound silly to some, but the charm with Dad’s fingerprint and handwriting give me great comfort. I am forever grateful to ‘Dimples’.”