Our furry family members are incredibly important. They are our silent supporters. They cuddle up with us when we need it most and never judge us. Their love! Their love and adoration can’t be matched. Ok, if we are talking cats, maybe we don’t have their adoration, but still. Who else waits for us with such enthusiasm and joy at the end of a long day?

When these special beings who have our hearts are gone, their absence is painful. Have you lost a pet? Or maybe you’ve just moved far away and are missing yours. Or maybe you’d like to feel close to her or him when you are away at work each day.

Did you know that Linking Objects help people maintain a connection with those we love? 

Let me tell you a little bit about Linking Objects. The term was first coined in 1972 by psychiatrist Dr. Vamik Volcan. He discovered, and many researchers since have evidence supporting his claim, that Linking Objects serve to create a connection between people and those they love. Linking Objects are more than the object itself, they provide a lasting connection with your loved one. And those who have created linking objects fair better in their grief.

Pet Memorial Jewelry

What are linking objects? They can be items belonging to, in this case, your pet. Items they used, symbols that represent them, and even items you create that have meaning. 

Dimples can help you create a Linking Object to keep you forever close to your beloved pet. A charm personalized with an image of your own pet’s paw (or hoof if your special one is a horse) or a picture of your pet. We can work from images of the paw itself, ink paw prints, even an image of a clay paw cast. For horses, an image of her/his horseshoe will work. And if you’d like more than just a paw or hoof an image of your furry friend works too. Visit the Pet & Equestrian jewelry and accessories page at DimplesCharms.com to select the style that’s perfect for you.

Because touch is so important with Linking Objects, we’ve scientifically designed our jewelry to enhance the tactile experience, so you really feel the presence of your loved one when you touch your personalized jewelry.

We get emails all the time from customers who tell us how special it is that they have their pet forever close to them wherever they go. Let us help you create one! Visit DimplesCharms.com for the memorial fingerprint jewelry or reach out to us at info@dimplescharms.com or 1-844-852-5802