Fingerprint Ring, Rose Gold, round, 4mm

$692.10 (USD)

Keep loved ones close wherever you go. For such a special treasure trust Dimples High Def technology to capture true to life fingerprints.

Customize with one or more fingerprints.

4mm wide with a round edge for a classic look.

Engraving inside the ring in block font.


Age of Fingerprint *

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Engraving inside ring, block font

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I have the content for my jewelry ready to upload.

Upload an in-focus, high res (600 dpi) JPG or PNG. If you don’t have it, no prob! Email it to us whenever you do.

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Karat of Gold

I don’t have fingerprints or image from phone app. Send me an Ink Kit.

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This gorgeous 4mm fingerprint ring will be made to order for you.  Each ring is lovingly handcrafted in Canada. Fingerprints in such high definition you’d swear your loved one just removed her/his finger from the metal!

Personalize with 1 or more fingerprints.

Options for getting the fingerprint to us:

1. Upload an image of ink fingerprints or a fingerprint scan using ‘Upload a File’. It needs to be high res (600dpi)

2. Use materials you have on hand to create a series of ink fingerprints. Take a picture of the page of prints, or scan the page at high resolution (600dpi) and email it to us.

What should the fingerprint look like?

Your ink fingerprint should not look like these:


Product Description

4 mm wide.

Engraving on the inside in block print is available. 

Available in sterling silver and 10K, 14K, 18K  yellow and white gold.



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