Heart Shaped Fingerprint Charm Necklace, Sterling Silver


Capture a fingerprint of a loved one and imprint it in a Heart Shaped Fingerprint Charm Necklace in sterling silver. The chain is included so you can wear it close to your heart. Our technology produces a fingerprint charm so clear and crisp you’ll swear your loved one just touched your pendant.

Size of fingerprints on the charm are relative to age/finger size.

Can accommodate 1 or 2 fingerprints.

Age of Fingerprint *

Length of Chain *

Engraving on back of charm

up to 18 characters including spaces and punctuation, in script font

Add a Second Print

Notes for your order

Please use the note section below if there’s anything you need us to know about your order. If you are purchasing personalized jewelry, you’ll receive an email with easy, step-by-step instructions on how submit your content (fingerprint, hand/footprint, paw print, handwriting).


Heart Shaped Fingerprint Charm Necklace, Sterling Silver, is where elegance meets deep sentimentality. This heart-shaped pendant beautifully encapsulates your loved one’s fingerprint, bringing them close to your heart with every wear. With the option to engrave up to 18 characters on the back. Pair it with any outfit for a touch of love and style, making it a thoughtful gift for you or someone dear to you.

Simply email in-focus images of clear fingerprints to us after you order.

Product Description

Unisex, fits all standard chains and brands of slide on bracelet (including Pandora).

Charm is approximately 19 mm in length and width.

Engraving on the back in script font is included. Max 18 characters including spaces and punctuation.

Available in sterling silver and 10K, 14K, 18K  yellow, white, and rose gold.


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