Couples are seeking out the experience of having rings specially designed and custom made with meaning over choosing an out-of-the-jewelry-case mass-manufactured standard design. They first seek inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest and then find a designer they feel comfortable with to create the most significant jewelry they’ll own.

Understandably, they want their engagement and wedding rings to be unique to them, reflective of their relationship, bespoke and meaningful. Consumer demand for unique alternatives to the traditional diamond solitaire is fueling new jewelry trends for non-diamond gemstones, natural motifs, non-gemstone and petite engagement rings.

Alternative Gemstones

Many people are choosing non-diamond rings. Sapphires are a popular and practical choice. Their hardness and durability means sapphires can endure the daily wear of an engagement ring. They are available in a multitude of splendid colours: blue, pink, green. People are also turning to lab grown diamond and gemstones that are slowly becoming more popular (and affordable) options. This gorgeous ring to the right is an Aquamarine ring with diamond accents on the shoulder. Aquamarine enjoyed a surge in popularity after Prince Harry gifted his mother’s, Princess Diana’s, aquamarine ring to Meghan.

Natural motifs

This Green Sapphire and Yellow Gold Twig Ring Set is an excellent example of a bridal set designed with a nature motif and diamond alternative. The couple who had this designed are nature lovers and really wanted an organic theme. It’s both beautiful and bespoke. Many people are choosing rings that haves textures from the natural world, like tree bark textured rings, or rings with themes such as mountain ranges.  You can create the perfect ring for you when you choose custom design.

Non-Gemstone Engagement Rings  

Some people are opting for engagement rings without gemstones, preferring simple gold rings.   Rings like this White Gold Fingerprint Engagement Ring are most meaningful. This fingerprint engagement ring captures your partner’s fingerprint in remarkable detail so you can be together always! Natural themes are popular for non-gemstone engagement rings too. Personalizing rings with fingerprints, handwriting, symbols significant your relationship are wonderful ways to create rings that are unique and perfect for you.

Petite Engagement Rings

The Petite Engagement Ring is a new trend that is enjoying popularity. These are engagement rings with smaller diamonds.  Affordable alternatives, they are dainty and feminine. Ones such as the Fingerprint Halo Engagement Ring pictured are also very sentimental and meaningful, custom made with your partner’s fingerprint surrounded in a halo of diamonds or gemstones of your choice.

For the most significant jewelry that you’ll own and that you’ll wear every day of your life, your engagement and wedding rings really should be ones you fall in love with each and every time you look at your hand.  Don’t act in haste, create rings that are unique to you and your relationship that reflect what is important to you.

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