You want your gift to be remarkable, but they are just so darn difficult to buy for! Did you know, people in North America waste over $16 billion annually on meaningless, unwanted gifts. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, create unique, meaningful, one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts that your loved ones will treasure forever.

For the Guy Who Has Everything:

He’s impossible to buy for! But does he have a set of custom made, keepsake cuff links personalized with his loved ones’ fingerprints or drawings? Create a one-of-a-kind gift that he’ll forever cherish since it captures something special like his loved one’s fingerprints, drawing, handwriting, hand/footprints, or even pet paw prints!

For the New Mom or Grandma:

Those adorable, chubby little hands & feet have stolen your heart and ran away with it. Capture them forever in a pendant Mom or Grandma can wear close to her heart every day! All that’s needed to create this special piece is a photo of the hands and/or feet or pictures of ink prints.

For the Pet Lover:

Furry family members with their unconditional love earn a special place in our hearts. Celebrate your 4-legged friend and create unique jewelry with their paw prints. To make a pendant, key ring, cuff links, or any other personalized paw print item all you need to provide is a picture of the paw, images of ink paw prints, or even a photo of a paw cast.

Who Doesn’t Love Bling?!

Mini Fingerprint Halo Earrings in Yellow Gold

A certain joy overcomes one when she opens a sparkling gift, custom made just for her! Watch her shed tears of joy when she discovers her new jewelry actually captures her loved ones’ fingerprints surrounded with a halo of glittering gemstones.

Guaranteed to bring joy and demonstrate your love! Create custom made keepsakes personalized with loved ones’ fingerprints, hand/footprints, handwriting, drawings, or pet paw prints. Don’t buy gifts. With the help of create treasures that will be forever cherished.