Incredible opportunity exists in Fine Vintage and Estate Jewellery.  Here’s why:

  • Fine Vintage and Estate Jewelry provide excellent opportunities to obtain gorgeous jewelry at great value.  It would cost you much less to purchase these pre-owned pieces than it would to have an identical piece made at current metal and gemstone prices.
  • These pieces are also perfect if you are considering jewelry redesign and remodeling. You can purchase a vintage or estate piece at a great price and have all of the incredible gemstones removed to use in a new jewelry design of your dreams. Incorporating gemstones from vintage or estate pieces into an incredible new custom jewelry design will save you oodles of money.

For example, this incredible vintage brooch contains 45 diamonds and 4 sapphires. The cost to purchase these stones today (let alone have them made into this brooch) is more than double what it costs to purchase this stunning piece. The number of stones in this piece would easily allow you to create a pendant and matching earrings.  

Once you have your vintage or estate piece, contact your trusted and experienced jewelry designer and goldsmith, like our own Jeffrey Ross (or perhaps contact him to find you a piece or to consult before you purchase something you’ve found). Along with him you can design a single piece,  multiple items, or a whole set that incorporates the stones from the vintage/estate jewelry. The cost to purchase the vintage/estate piece, have your dream jewelry designed, disassemble the vintage piece and remove all the gemstones, and have them custom made into a stunning statement piece or jewelry set that is perfect for you is most often less than it would cost you to have new gemstones sourced and made into a new custom design.

But…buyer beware! Make sure you know what you are buying. Not all estate and vintage jewellery is a great value. You must first know what the stones are and their quality (you know the drill: cut, clarity, color, carat) in order to determine if the price is a good value.  For more information about how to best evaluate estate and vintage jewelry feel free to reach out to us at 1-844-852-5802 or