If you have lost a pet recently, we are deeply sorry for your loss. Although the circumstances may differ, we too have experienced this type of loss and can relate to the grief you are feeling. Our furry family members are so special and important in our lives.

You came across this article because you are looking for ways to create meaningful keepsakes of your beloved pet. You need something of your friend to hold on to. You are seeking something to help you feel connected to your pal and to commemorate your special bond. Such a keepsake will give you the reassurance of knowing your loved one is still close to your heart. Pet memorial jewelry is the ideal solution.

Pet memorial jewelry can be personalized in a number of ways. Jewelry items can be made as unique and special as your furry friend. They can be worn (close to your heart) and cherished every day to help ease the pain of your loss and to bring happy memories to mind.  Pet memorial jewelry can incorporate your pet’s paw print, nose print, or even some of their ashes as well. You can even have a custom designed piece made exactly how you want it.

Some companies specialize, exclusively, in these extraordinary kinds of personalized jewelry and many of them are online. Like anything else, these companies are not all created equally. Some will care for you, take the time to speak with you and understand your requirements, and craft something for you with as much care and love as if they were making it for a member of their own family. For them it is a passion, and your comfort is at the core of why they exist. For others, it’s just business, just money.

“I would like to say that my experience in ordering Dimples charms was amazing. The professionalism, courtesy and kindness was overwhelming. Patti was extremely pleasant and very helpful with all my questions and they were all answered promptly. We were in awe when we received our package in how beautiful they were packed and wrapped. The charms themselves are even more beautiful in person. They are perfect and something we will have forever and cherish. Thank you Patti and Dimples for creating the perfect memory!”

~Sonia P.

Pet memorial jewelry has tremendous significance and sentimental value so the company and people making it for you should care enough to create a pleasant experience for you. You don’t want any hurt feelings, poor treatment, or bad vibes rubbing off on your jewelry.

The question you might be asking now is ‘Where to buy pet memorial jewelry?’

The answer? Wherever you feel a connection. Wherever you feel comfortable. Wherever other people, dealing with similar losses, have gone in search of the same comfort and have found just what they needed.

We care about you and want to help, so we created this list to aid you in your decision on where the best place to buy keepsake pet memorial jewelry is for you. When you are considering buying a piece of pet memorial jewelry and are searching for companies to work with ask yourself the following 8 questions:

  • How accessible are they? Can I speak to an actual person by phone, on live chat, or by email?
  • How do they speak to me? Are they compassionate and caring or are they just trying to sell me something?
  • What are other people saying about them? Check their Google Reviews. Check their website and social media for testimonials to find out if they are reliable and if the quality is good.
  • Can they make what I want, the way I want it? Or do they only want to sell me what they have available?
  • Is it easy for me to do? How do I provide the paw print, nose print, or ashes etc.?
  • Do I like their products? Check their website, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.
  • Are they helpful and willing to share information and assistance throughout my buyer journey?
  • Which company feels right for me and what I am looking for?

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