Any mother who returned to work after their first maternity leave remembers the anxiousness caused by leaving their child in the care of someone else, no matter how trusted and wonderful she or he may be.  Many of our customers purchase Dimples in advance of returning to work after maternity in order to keep their child close to their heart while they are apart. Here is how one customer puts it:

“I travel a lot for work. Before my mat leave ended it pained me to think of how I would feel being apart from my little guy when I returned to work. I had a Dimples necklace made with my son’s fingerprint on the pendant so that I could keep him close to my heart while I was at work. I especially treasure my Dimples necklace when I am on business trips. I wear it every day and touch it when I’m thinking of him. Now my son checks every day to be sure I am wearing it when I leave for work because he knows that I feel like I have him with me when I wear my Dimples necklace. It has become a daily routine and is a wonderful way to give him confidence that I am always thinking of him. Thank you Dimples! We had no idea how special this fingerprint necklace would become to us. “

Fingerprint Paw Necklace