I tried my hardest not to cry in this video, but some customer stories are so powerful that we can’t help but be deeply moved by them. Guaranteed you’ll connect with this one. Grab a tissue and press play. If you want to know the ending to this touching story, what followed after the video, continue reading.
Do you share a special saying, secret handshake, or ritual with your child? Something that holds special meaning between the two of you? Well, Heidi and her daughter share a ‘Pinky Promise.’ How fun!
Heidi has battled cancer for almost 10 years. Tragically, this young mother isn’t destined to win her battle. Knowing that Heidi was about to celebrate her last birthday on this planet, two of her dear friends wanted to do something special for her.
They captured Heidi’s and her daughter’s fingerprints for a special project. Then they surprised Heidi and her daughter with a gift of matching fingerprint bar necklaces with both of their pinky fingerprints on it. Heidi’s was engraved with ‘Pinky Promise’ and her daughter’s with “Always with you’.
It was a tear-filled exchange. The necklaces were given as a way for the two to stay together now and forever.
And their story doesn’t end there. Both Heidi and her daughter wore their necklaces from that moment on, clinging to the moments they had left together. A few short months later, Heidi, having held on longer than anyone should only because she couldn’t bear to leave her daughter behind, finally let go from this world.
Heidi decided to take her ‘pinky promise’ necklace with her. It is the one worldly possession she declared go with her in order to keep her daughter with her always and forever.
When Heidi’s friend reached out and shared this with me, I couldn’t breathe for a moment. We constantly feel privileged and honored to connect with our customers in a meaningful way and to help bring their stories to life in jewelry. But this, this is more than that. I can’t describe it at all, other than to say it takes my breath away.
Peace to all.
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