This pet lover and super creative photographer, Mariah Hilton, is collaborating with Dimples Charms for the month of July!

With the launch of our Paw Print Charm, we wanted to give our viewers a look at pet love through moments captured by a photographer who also has a love for pets!

But that’s not all! Mariah takes pics of more than just pets — her site is full of gorgeous wedding photos, family photos and portraits included.

Here’s our full interview with Mariah Hilton:

MHilton-PhotographyWhy is it important for you to capture moments on camera?

I think photos have the ability to act as mood enhancers and/or reminders of happy things and because life has a way of overwhelming and exhausting us at times, I think those reminders and enhancers are like little gifts when you need it the most.

Why is pet photography important to you?

Pet photography was my beginning and it is my passion. Photography started for me when I started photographing my Great Dane out of love. I wanted only to capture her every moment. She was so busy being perfect and delicious and I just wanted a record of her every minute, or at least as many minutes as I could get — which is a lot with digital photography! Then, little by little, people started to ask if I could photograph the thing they loved most in all the world…and it wasn’t always a dog.

So I began to branch out into people photography, and that’s where my niche began to form — to portray love and bonds between beings, whether they have two legs or four!

And finally, I love this statement from Mariah, capturing the reason why photos can evoke such emotion!


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