Pet lover, Tanya Kim is a well known supporter of the Ontario SPCA & Humane Society. She helps fundraise for these foundations and their annual events. Tanya adores her own dogs and is an all around kind, caring, and compassionate person. That’s why when Dimples Co-founder, Patti Moloney, noticed from Tanya’s Instagram posts that she was feeling low, missing her dog Mabel, Patti reached out.

“After reading Tanya’s Instagram posts I really felt for her. We know how important furry family members are and Tanya’s loss was real. Given how much she does in support of animal charities, I knew that Dimples had something that would be really meaningful to Tanya and I was moved to reach out to her,” explains Patti. Tanya had split from her long time partner and Mabel was now permanently living with her ex. Tanya was grieving the loss of both relationships and was truly missing Mabel.

Patti offered Tanya Kim a gift from the Dimples Pet Paw Jewelry Collection,  a Paw Print Pendant Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold. It would be personalized with Mabel’s paw print on the front and an inscription of Tanya’s choice engraved on the back. She just needed to provide an image of Mabel’s paw or paw print by email. Tanya was so gracious. She scoured her images to find some great pictures of Mabel’s paw print.

At Dimples, we know how significant our personalized jewelry is to people because of the stories they share with us. This is the jewelry they wear every day, they never take off, and that is their most prized possession. But, Patti didn’t realize quite how important her gift to Tanya would be.

Tanya shared with Patti after receiving her Paw Print Necklace with Mabel’s paw print, “I am at a loss for words (and in tears – good ones!)…Wow…the gorgeous necklace.” She also kindly shared the words below in an Instagram post about her Dimples Paw Print Charm Necklace. Click HERE to view it on Instagram.

“While it brings me comfort believing #MissMabel is continuing to live her best life with her ‘person’, it certainly doesn’t make that gaping hole in my heart feel any smaller. I won’t lie. Not having her with me and her sister Frankie has been hard on the heart. ⁣

Mercifully though (and right on cue), the Universe has proven once again she’s always got my back… This time in the form of genuine kindness from an empathetic stranger on IG who reached out to offer me this beautiful custom 14k yellow gold necklace featuring Mabel’s actual #PawPrint

THANK YOU Patti @DimplesCharms for extending such warmth and kindness. I am deeply touched by your thoughtfulness and cannot begin to express in words the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I have for you and your care for a complete stranger (no more)! Thank you and your husband/business partner Jeff for creating this beautiful paw print pendant necklace, so that I may forever keep Mabel close to my heart. ❤︎︎⁣

Reminder: No matter how big or small, random acts of kindness have the power to affect the lives of others in the most profound and meaningful way. #BeKind

How kind of Tanya Kim to share such a thoughtful and heartfelt post! It’s very inspiring to know that the work we do at Dimples has a positive and powerful impact on the lives of those it reaches.

Our pets are such an important part of our lives. They make us feel loved, provide us with much comfort, and bring us great joy. I’d argue there isn’t a more meaningful way to keep our furry family members close to our hearts each day than through Dimples Pet Print Jewelry personalized with their paw print, nose print, or even hoof print!

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