You know when you just ‘know’? That moment when you meet someone and you are certain that something special is meant to be. When space and time don’t seem to be factors because you are certain that whatever happens you will always be drawn back together. Well, that is the story behind these custom gold fingerprint rings. This is the story of two souls destined to be together; this is the story of two lives in orbit; this the story of Billy and Kristen.

Billy and Kristen met at university and fell in love. They dated for a year, but social activities, classes, and all the things that occupy your time at that age soon got in the way. While very much in love, they decided that the timing just wasn’t right and they decided to go their separate ways. Semesters quickly turned into years and going ‘separate ways’ graduated into moving to different continents. One of them traveled as far away as New Zealand to attend Teachers College. Billy and Kristen were both bitten by the travel bug. Eager to see the world they traveled around our planet, albeit separately.

Between adventures, Billy worked at the Old Flame Brewing Co., a small, local brewery close to his family home. Imagine his surprise to see his ‘old flame’ Kristen wander into Old Flame Brewing Co. to say ‘hello’ while he was working one day! They were delighted to see each other after so much time, and they began to rekindle their romance. Alas, before they could get too close, a trip to Sweden that Billy had planned months earlier arrived and they were separated yet again.

They tried to keep the spark alive long distance though it was challenging. They persevered until one day their individual travel plans conspired in a chance encounter in Ireland. They crossed paths briefly during a layover. As they embraced before going their separate ways once more, they wept and longed for the day when they would be able to settle down and stay together permanently.

What seemed like an eternity passed. One day, out of the blue, Kristen received an invitation from a friend to a Welcome Home Party for a former classmate. She attended and the guest of honor being welcomed home was none other than, you guessed it, Billy! It was at this party that Kristen put her finger on Billy and said “You are never allowed to be more than a finger length away.” The timing was now perfect to pursue their relationship.

It proved to be one that would endure. When Billy was planning to propose he thought a lot about Kristen’s words “finger length away”. In search of a way to incorporate that narrative into the engagement ring, Billy reached out to Dimples to design a custom engagement ring that included his fingerprint. Of course!

Kristen’s words were such an integral part of their origin story that when deciding on wedding rings they chose to create a matching pair of fingerprint wedding bands. Each of their wedding bands incorporate both of their fingerprints. Billy and Kristen are truly never more than a finger length apart now!

The images in this post are of Kristen’s custom designed, handmade, rose gold fingerprint engagement ring and wedding band. Her fingerprint engagement ring is prong set with a round brilliant cut diamond and her fingerprint wedding band is also set with round brilliant cut diamonds that match the diamond in her engagement ring for color, clarity, and cut.

We are so glad you found each other Billy and Kristen! It’s magical how you orbited back to one another after time and distance separated you. We are also grateful, beyond words, that you trusted us with the creation of such uniquely personal rings for you both. Best wishes for a wonderful life full of love and adventure together! May you never be more than a finger length apart from each other.