Have you tried making fingerprints with someone before? Was it a messy disaster? Well, mess no more! You’ve come to the right place. The video below demonstrates a very simple way to capture great fingerprints using only an HB pencil, white paper, and clear tape. And did you know that the great fingerprints you make can be used to create priceless, personalized jewellery treasures?

This method successfully captures great fingerprints from people of all ages. It works with tiny baby fingers as well as it does with octogenarians’. Plus, you will find Jeff to be as charming and entertaining as always in this video. As well, we can send you a tip sheet by email that you can follow while you are making your fingerprints. Just give us a holler and let us know you’d like one.

Then, use your fingerprints to make the most meaningful, most unique and absolutely stunning jewelry that you will cherish for your lifetime. All you need to do is take clear, in-focus pictures of your fingerprints, making sure there is no glare visible in the images, and email them to us when you place your order.

We can’t wait to help you create a priceless gift for yourself or someone you love! Be sure to share your story with us!

Lastly, have fun making fingerprints and capturing a special moment in the life of your loved one.