On a blustery, snowy morning and with Valentine’s Day around the corner there’s no better time for heartwarming love stories. Today we share the funny tale of how one of our favourite customers (you are all our favourite, but don’t tell Sarah that), Sarah, met her husband.

SV_wedding_pic1Francesco fired Sarah. He fired his client. That’s where Sarah and Francesco’s love story begins.

Francesco is a personal trainer and owner of Eterna Health and Fitness. Sarah had hired Francesco as her personal trainer. She was getting fit and enjoying the company of this funny and handsome fella. The first 6 week session had gone so well that Sarah signed up for another. However, she received a rather strange phone call from Francesco. He gave her a long winded and rambling story about some scheduling conflict and how he just couldn’t accommodate her as a client anymore. His explanation didn’t make much sense to Sarah. She was disappointed but just figured he was a bit weird and moved on.

A week or so later she got another call from him. Francesco was awkward, stammering and wordy, but when Sarah hung up she was pretty sure he had asked her to dinner…and she had said yes! However, to call it dinner is a bit of a stretch. To a serious fitness trainer, food is fuel. There was no culinary artistry to the meal he served his date. “It’s very memorable among first date dinners”, says Sarah, “I mean, when was the last time a guy tried to impress you with a pile of plain tuna and some half cooked sweet potatoes?” No kidding. That’s seriously what Francesco served his beautiful date! LOL!  And she still fell in love with him!

Years later, they are happily married, still madly in love, and have captured life’s special moments in several pieces of Dimples jewelry, might I add.

Next week I might just share the story of when Jeff, my husband and co-founder of Dimples, first told me he was in love with me. It’s a pretty funny story. 

What’s your Meet-Cute story? We’d love to hear it.