Now more than ever we need to share stories like this:

We met in person one Sunday evening back in early February of 2014 at CF Toronto Eaton Centre where Darryl was working at the time. I met up with Darryl after his shift that evening and as I was walking through the mall I was texting Darryl. As I got closer to where I was meeting Darryl anticipation and excitement was pumping through my body. I got a message from Darryl “Look Up!” And that was the first time I locked eyes with him. It truly was love at first sight. 

As cliche as it is to say we really did find love in a hopeless place.

We met on an online dating site!

After officially getting acquainted we proceeded to a local Starbucks for coffee which to our surprise was closing! After we got our coffees we took a walk to a near by plaza where we sat in the concourse for over 2 hours but it only felt like 10 minutes.

Our first official date

was arranged by Darryl to Ripley’s Aquarium and there in front of the Jelly Fish Darryl asked me if I would be his Nemo. It was very cute and romantic with all the soft colours and ambiance.

I approached Patti from Dimples in early May to place the order for my custom fingerprint promise ring for Darryl.

Together we worked together to achieve the most beautiful ring.

When I gifted it to Darryl it was a very special moment. His eyes flooded with tears of joy instantly and for the first time in our relationship he was speechless. It was definitely a moment that Darryl and I will cherish for a lifetime.


Made with love — fingerprint jewelry.

It has been 2 and a half years since we first locked eyes and we have been inseparable since.  

Thank you to Patti and Jeff from Dimples for being extremely accommodating and so easy to work with! – Andrew –

“Looking down from the top balcony of the Eaton Centre I saw him! But little did I know he  was about to change my life forever. It really was love at first sight” – Darryl –

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