Dimples stories that have moved my heart

A woman much loved by her sister, husband, children and grandchildren was terminally ill with cancer. Her sister, Suzanne, reached out to me wanting to make some charms for the family to forever keep their loved one, Doris, with them. I helped her with this and Suzanne kindly sent me the following note:

Dear Patti and staff:

The charms made of my sister Doris’s little finger were delivered last Monday.  The next day she was taken to hospital and she died a week later.

I was able to take the charms up to the hospital and give them to her daughter, her husband and her two granddaughters.  They are thrilled (as am I) to have this lasting impression of our beautiful Doris.

Thank you so much for making the charms possible.  In the years to come, these talisman charms will keep Doris close to each of us.

We at Dimples feel truly honored to be able to create something that is so much more than jewelry; meaningful and lasting treasures that people cherish for a lifetime. I remember one customer asking me to be sure to not abbreviate the year in the engraving on her piece because she was sure that her Dimples charm would be passed down through generations and would definitely find itself in the hands of her relatives in the next century and beyond. Wow!

And another customer had just moved houses when she found out that her husband had thrown out a bag that he believed to be garbage but that likely contained all of her jewelry. In tears she claimed, “The only item I care about is my Dimples! Everything else can be replaced, but not my Dimples. Those charms captured a moment in time I can never get back.” Luckily, the bag of jewelry was found in a separate box before this woman attempted to inflict injury on her husband. But on a serious note, what a powerful a statement.

Dimples jewelry was an idea that Jeff and I brought to life, but since then it has taken on a life of its own and become so much more to people than we imagined. We are privileged to play a role in creating such meaningful mementos for people celebrating life’s vast variety of wondrous moments.

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