It’s not natural. A parent should never outlive her child.

My mother, now 87 years old, was a nurse for her whole career.  She often commented about the patients she encountered who were mothers who had lost a child. She said, no matter how long her child lived (it could have been mere days) or how distant in the past the loss had been, that mom, even if she had dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the one person she’d remember and talk about until her last breath was the child she lost. Regardless of how many living children and grandchildren she had.  The loss of a child is so profound.

“Milestones. Dates that would be milestones in my daughter’s life are very painful for me. There are the obvious ones like birthdays, graduation, prom, etc. but as a parent you reflect on every special moment that would have been, like enjoying her grandmother’s 75th birthday or the first car ride with her brother when he got his license. The pain of her absence never lessens,” Leslie confides.

Physical objects, often referred to as Linking Objects, are treasured when grieving because they provide something tangible, something you can touch that provides an emotional connection to your lost loved one. These mementos can provide continual comfort as you navigate your grief throughout the years.

“I treasure the fingerprint charm I have of my son. I place my thumb over his fingerprint each morning and kiss the pendant before I slip the chain over my neck. I repeat the inscription that is engraved on the back, ‘Hope, Strength, Love’. It gives me strength when I need it most,” shares Peter, “Thank you, Dimples, for helping me create this. It’s truly my most cherished possession.”

We can help you create the perfect keepsake. One that you can customize in any way. We can craft it to your specifications. You can incorporate your loved one’s fingerprint, hand and footprints, handwriting, or drawing. We can engrave an inscription, add birthstones or other gemstones….whatever personalization you’d like. Keep your loved one close to you, always, with a custom jewelry treasure you can wear close to your heart every day.

Here is an example of a wonderful custom piece one customer made to commemorate her daughter who loved rainbows and elephants.  A gold fingerprint pendant surrounded by a halo of rainbow coloured gemstones with an image of a mother and baby elephant inscribed on the back. Simply stunning.

It should never happen. But sometime it does. Create a meaningful memorial treasure you will cherish forever.

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